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What Causes Back Pain And How To Choose The Right Mattress?

Mattress For Lower Back Pain, Storage Bed

For many Singaporeans, back pain is a perpetual problem they have to deal with. This problem continues to aggravate itself at night, especially since it comes in the way of sound sleep. Fortunately, there are solutions at hand which can ensure that back pain is not as much of a stumbling block as it usually is.

With a chiropractic mattress, you can minimize back pain and seek to nullify it for a peaceful and comfortable sleep. Here are some reasons in which users can be affected by back pain, and what are the ideal solutions in minimizing it.

Professionals Working on Computers

A lot of Singaporeans work at their desks, requiring them to spend long hours in front of computers. Over many years, this aggravates a nagging back pain scenario which does not go away too easily.

In such instances, a mattress for lower back pain can prove to be the ideal solution. As we spend more time sleeping on such mattresses, we can feel much more comfortable and relaxed over a long period of use. Most importantly, the quality of sleep in which is experienced can truly be wonderful.

Old Age

While lifestyle and work environment plays a part in aggravating back pain, it is not always the case all the time. One of the biggest reasons for back pain is caused simply by ageing. As we grow older, we will find challenges related to health and bodily functions.

With this, a mattress for back problems is always recommended. Not just any ordinary mattress, it is designed specifically to help users combat the vagaries of old age, such as back pain problems. It does not cure the problems that come with old age, but it certainly helps in ensuring we get a good night’s sleep.

Weather-Related Discomfort

The case for pain and discomfort is often derived from the weather conditions. For example, Singapore tends to be hot all-year-round. Soaring temperatures can play a massive part in affecting minds and bodies more than others. Due to this, it can lead to both physical and mental pain.

For such individuals, a pain-relieving mattress alone may not be enough. Having a mattress to address the uncontrollable elements of the weather can aid in keeping users cool in such weather.

A cooling memory foam mattress would not only do a job in ensuring that the person lying on it feels cool and comfortable, but such mattresses are readily available in many different sizes. This means it can easily accommodate any storage bed sizes – should one opt for a king size memory foam mattress, it can fit within the corresponding bed frame size perfectly.


Thanks to intuitive modern-day mattresses that are designed from the ground up, it can aid in kissing back pain goodbye and minimizing its effects. While it doesn’t completely cure and negate the pain that comes along with it, it can help tremendously for individuals suffering from back pain.

It is also the reason why hotel mattresses in Singapore now includes pain-relieving mattresses that double up as a cooling mattress.


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