Storage bed & frame

Due to increasing land constraints, modern HDB flats in Singapore are becoming smaller. It can be challenging to fit all your belongings into your newly renovated apartment, as you will have less space for your furniture. If you are encountering such an issue, why not consider pairing your new mattress with a storage bed frame in Singapore? At Four Star, our premium mattresses, whether they are single, super-single, queen, or king-sized, can be paired with a variety of storage bed frames that are tailored to your specific needs. Get yourself a multifunctional storage bed in Singapore today!

Bed Frame And Storage Bed Options Available At Four Star

Standard Bed Frames

If you prefer a standard bed frame for your bedroom, we have a wide selection available for you to choose from. We understand that everyone has their unique design sensibilities. As such, the bedroom design for one homeowner in Singapore is likely to be vastly different to another. To ensure your desired bed frame does not clash with the aesthetics of your bedroom, you can customise our bed frames according to your requirements.

Our various headboard designs are fitted on Divan bases, which are constructed with a sturdy wooden frame to ensure their durability. These frames are typically upholstered with fabric, but we allow our customers to choose between synthetic leather or the former option, depending on their preference. Moreover, you can choose between wooden or metal legs for your bed frame, whichever design better fits your bedroom.

Storage Bed Frames

Our storage bed frames feature different headboard designs that are fitted on storage bases. They are equipped with a German Hydraulic lift system (10 years warranty provided) that allows users to easily lift the bed and store their essential belongings. If you prefer sideway opening instead of front way opening, we do have such an option available. Like our standard bed frames, you can choose between synthetic leather or fabric to upholster the bed frame.

Drawer Bed

If you require more storage space, you may want to consider our storage beds with drawers. In addition to the German Hydraulic lift system, this storage bed frame features drawers at the front or side of the bed frames, allowing you to store your daily necessities for convenient access.

Our drawer storage beds are an excellent alternative for those who prefer drawer bed frames. The headboard designs are fitted on drawer bases, and the frames feature beautifully laminated drawers with soft closing. You can opt to configure the drawers on the sides or front of the bed frame. Additionally, you can choose between synthetic leather or fabric for the storage bed frame’s upholstery.

Storage Bed

The headboard designs for our pull out and lift up beds are fitted on U-shaped divan bases. We also offer bed frames with side cabinets or drawer options if you require them. Additionally, we can install a lift-up mechanism to the bottom bed to lift it up easily should the need arise. Lastly, similarly to our other offerings, you can opt for either synthetic leather or fabric for the bed frame’s upholstery.

Pull Out Bed

Alternatively, if you prefer to access your belongings from the convenience of your bed, you can consider our storage beds with side cabinets. The side cabinets of this storage bed frame are installed next to the mattress, allowing you to place your essential items, like an alarm clock, within arm’s reach. If there is sufficient space in your bedroom, you can even opt to include side cabinets on both sides. While it combines two types of furniture in one, our storage bed with cabinets is nothing like inappropriate. In fact, it has a luxurious look that can enhance the beauty of your bedroom.

Platform Storage Beds

Apart from storage bed frames, we also have other space-saving bed frames to offer here at Four Star. One of such innovative furniture pieces is our pull out beds. If you have children sharing the same bedroom, but there is insufficient space to manoeuvre around with two beds occupying a small room, you may want to opt for either pull out or lift up beds. Our pull out bed can also be used so that you’ll have a spare bed for when you have a visitor staying overnight. Order a storage bed or pull out bed today!


What is the sizes available for four star mattresses?

King 183 cm x 190 cm, Queen 152 cm x 190 cm, Super Single 107 cm x 190 cm, Singapore 92 cm x 190 cm

I need to customise my mattresses size can Four Star do that?

We can customise mattress size for you, however, do visit us and our sales personnel will assist you.

Do I need to flip or rotate my mattress?

We recommend to rotate the mattress 180 degrees every 3-6 months to maximise performance and durability

Can I trade-in my mattress?

Due to hygiene concerns, all mattresses and bedding accessories we do not accept trade-ins of any kind. However, we offer one-to-one item disposal services when you purchase from us.

Four Star provide disposal service?

For Four Star Mattresses: Yes. We offer a one-to-one disposal service during delivery. Each additional item disposed is chargeable at $60. For Four Star Furniture: There is no free disposal available. It is chargeable according to the Size of the furniture. However, do inform us in advance should you need to dispose your old mattress so that we can make the necessary arrangement. Please inform our sales personnel during the purchase or call +65 6296 5966 or email us at Our operation hour is Monday to Fridayfrom 9am-6pm.

Can I change of the delivery date/time after purchasing?

For any delivery issues, please call +65 6296 5966 or email us at, at least 3 working days before the actual delivery date. Our operating hour is Monday to Friday from 9am-6pm. (Do prepare invoice no for us to check during the phone call)

Can I cancel my order?

All processed orders are final and non-refundable.

How long will my order to be delivered?

For online order: You can choose your delivery date at the checkout page, the earliest delivery date will be: Mattresses 1 Week Furniture 2 Weeks Made to order (MTO) item 6 Weeks For In-store order: You can let our sales personnel know your preferred delivery date and time. our sales personnel will advise based on availability slot. Do note the earliest delivery date after the order are placed: Mattresses 1 Week Furniture 2 Weeks Made to order (MTO) item 6 Week

Is there a staircase charges?

Yes. Staircase charges apply if the bulky items unable to fit the elevator at the point of delivery. Our delivery team will carried up via the staircase in a non-hazardous manner. For Four Star Mattresses & Bed Frame: 1st to 3rd storey Free of charge 4th storey onwards From $10 per storey for each bulky item (depending on the size of items) For Four Star Furniture: 1st storey onwards From $20 per storey for each bulky item (depending on the size of items)

What are Four Star delivery timing like?

Our delivery timings are as follows: Monday to Saturday 9am to 1pm, 2pm to 6pm Sundays and public holidays Closed

Can Four Star Hold my order until my house is ready?

Yes, we can hold your order. Once you are ready to make a delivery arrangement for your purchase do inform use 7 Working Days in Advance by calling us at +65 6296 5966 or email us Monday to Friday from 9am-6pm with your invoice no. we will assist your from there. For MTO order do inform us 6 Working Weeks in Advance, so our factory is able to fulfil your order on time.

I've received a wrong item or defect item. What should I do?

Items are to be checked upon delivery. Please inform our delivery team if any wrong item or defect are found upon delivery. Any wrong item or defect found after the delivery are not exchangeable.

Does Four Star provide warranty for the product?

We provide up to 15 years warranty for our mattress, and up to 5 years warranty for our furniture.

Who do I contact for warranty claim?

Please email us at Monday to Friday from 9am6pm. Invoice no and photo of defect are required as proof of purchase upon warranty claim, and we will assist your from there.