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Detense ArcticSilk CU+

Behold the wonders of Four Star’s New Revolutionary Technology – crafted with the finest ingredients of Magic. Within its new embrace, you’ll discover a realm of comfort and rejuvenation the New Detense Arcticsilk Cu+ Mattress can offer. With its unique blend of features, it offers a truly exceptional sleeping experience that prioritises relaxation, cooling, hygiene, and adaptive support.


CHIRO+ is an extension and upgraded version of the Chiro Series that is specially designed to provide orthopaedic posture support for specialized back care. Hexa-Coil Individual Luxury Pocketed Spring System, Memory Foam Mattress and Natural Fibre help to ensure the durability and firmness of the mattress for optimal spinal support. Available in single size mattress, super single size mattress, queen size mattress and king size mattress. Browse the collection to buy online today.

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