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If you want to remodel your home or completely build a new one, there may be a lot of details you need to pay attention to in order to manse your vision.A home is always considered as a property to let your preferences show and comes with a lot of sentimental pieces. It is crucial that you choose furniture items that complement the homes overall theme, layout, finish, and colour palette. One of these options would be the tables you utilise as decor accents or for other important purposes. Tables are the only furniture item that may be found in a home’s living room, bedroom, dining room, and patio. He it dining tables, big or small side tables. TV console tables. coffee tables or night stands. Four Star offers a wide array of home tables you can use to fill in the space in every room of your house.

TV Console Collection

A modern TV console serves as both a TV unit and a cabinet It frequently has storage shelves and is made of wood. To make the well look neat, modern TV consoles contain a few holes at the back where you can run all the TV wires. This prevents the television from looking disorganised from having so any tangled wires all over it Browse our selection of TV console designs here!

Coffee Table & Side Table Collection

In many living rooms in Singapore, the coffee table is considered to be acrucial piece of furniture. It is often constructed such that the table’s top is Nuel with the sofa cushions and serves as a convenient spot for serving coffee or tea to guests. The standard coffee table is usually short and rectangular in shape while side tables are slightly taller and slimmer in size. There are many more shapes and better capabilities accessible for these tables. See our collection for a wide range of designs.

Dining Table Collection

The dining table has long been regarded as one of the most important furnishings in many homes. Having a dining table set can actually strengthen family ties and guarantee that everyone eats at the appropriate time. Four Star offers a wide range of styles for dining table sets. Our dining table sets are available in a range of sizes, shapes, and designs. We provide minimalist dining table sets that are suitable for modern living and limited spaces. See our selection here.


What is the sizes available for four star mattresses?

King 183 cm x 190 cm, Queen 152 cm x 190 cm, Super Single 107 cm x 190 cm, Singapore 92 cm x 190 cm

I need to customise my mattresses size can Four Star do that?

We can customise mattress size for you, however, do visit us and our sales personnel will assist you.

Do I need to flip or rotate my mattress?

We recommend to rotate the mattress 180 degrees every 3-6 months to maximise performance and durability

Can I trade-in my mattress?

Due to hygiene concerns, all mattresses and bedding accessories we do not accept trade-ins of any kind. However, we offer one-to-one item disposal services when you purchase from us.

Four Star provide disposal service?

For Four Star Mattresses: Yes. We offer a one-to-one disposal service during delivery. Each additional item disposed is chargeable at $60. For Four Star Furniture: There is no free disposal available. It is chargeable according to the Size of the furniture. However, do inform us in advance should you need to dispose your old mattress so that we can make the necessary arrangement. Please inform our sales personnel during the purchase or call +65 6296 5966 or email us at Our operation hour is Monday to Fridayfrom 9am-6pm.

Can I change of the delivery date/time after purchasing?

For any delivery issues, please call +65 6296 5966 or email us at, at least 3 working days before the actual delivery date. Our operating hour is Monday to Friday from 9am-6pm. (Do prepare invoice no for us to check during the phone call)

Can I cancel my order?

All processed orders are final and non-refundable.

How long will my order to be delivered?

For online order: You can choose your delivery date at the checkout page, the earliest delivery date will be: Mattresses 1 Week Furniture 2 Weeks Made to order (MTO) item 6 Weeks For In-store order: You can let our sales personnel know your preferred delivery date and time. our sales personnel will advise based on availability slot. Do note the earliest delivery date after the order are placed: Mattresses 1 Week Furniture 2 Weeks Made to order (MTO) item 6 Week

Is there a staircase charges?

Yes. Staircase charges apply if the bulky items unable to fit the elevator at the point of delivery. Our delivery team will carried up via the staircase in a non-hazardous manner. For Four Star Mattresses & Bed Frame: 1st to 3rd storey Free of charge 4th storey onwards From $10 per storey for each bulky item (depending on the size of items) For Four Star Furniture: 1st storey onwards From $20 per storey for each bulky item (depending on the size of items)

What are Four Star delivery timing like?

Our delivery timings are as follows: Monday to Saturday 9am to 1pm, 2pm to 6pm Sundays and public holidays Closed

Can Four Star Hold my order until my house is ready?

Yes, we can hold your order. Once you are ready to make a delivery arrangement for your purchase do inform use 7 Working Days in Advance by calling us at +65 6296 5966 or email us Monday to Friday from 9am-6pm with your invoice no. we will assist your from there. For MTO order do inform us 6 Working Weeks in Advance, so our factory is able to fulfil your order on time.

I've received a wrong item or defect item. What should I do?

Items are to be checked upon delivery. Please inform our delivery team if any wrong item or defect are found upon delivery. Any wrong item or defect found after the delivery are not exchangeable.

Does Four Star provide warranty for the product?

We provide up to 15 years warranty for our mattress, and up to 5 years warranty for our furniture.

Who do I contact for warranty claim?

Please email us at Monday to Friday from 9am6pm. Invoice no and photo of defect are required as proof of purchase upon warranty claim, and we will assist your from there.

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