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Worried About Wear And Tear? How To Maintain Your Bed Well

Worried About Wear And Tear? How To Maintain Your Bed Well

You spend a significant chunk of your life asleep on your bed. It makes sense to want to invest in a high-quality, comfortable mattress to facilitate that. Afterall, when you sleep better, your quality of life increases dramatically.

Ensuring that your mattress is well-taken care of is paramount to that endeavour. Fortunately, learning how to prevent wear and tear in your bed can be as simple as putting in that extra bit of effort. Maintain your bed and guarantee good sleep health by following these simple steps.

1. Air out your mattress

Upon purchasing your brand-new mattress and removing it from the plastic cover, give it time to air. You’ll get a smell unique to new beds, which will take some time to dissipate entirely.

When you’re not using your bed for extended periods, allow your mattress a chance to breathe by taking off the bed sheets. This will be instrumental in maintaining the newness of the mattress. Letting your mattress breathe every so often also prevents the humidity from causing moisture to collect on your bed.

2. Avoid sitting on your mattress

Mattresses are developed to support the weight of people lying down on them. Hence, sitting down and concentrating all your body weight on a single point can lead to the mattress’s deterioration in certain points. If you’re still in the habit of sitting down on your bed, do note that you may be causing it to lose its shape and firmness before its time and weakening its structure.

3. Rotate your mattress every six months

Rotating your mattresses every six months or so is vital to preventing body impressions and redistributing wear evenly. Doing so helps elongate the mattress’s lifespan and the comfort it provides as much as possible.

4. Use a proper bedframe

Use a proper bedframe

To prevent wear and tear in your bed, it’s critical that you also purchase a robust and high-quality bedframe. If you have a king or queen-size bed, your bed frame should offer ample support in its centre to prevent indentations and sagging in the long run. A frame that’s broken can cause an immense amount of discomfort to the sleeper. Fortunately, at Four Star, we have a wide range of well-crafted, durable, and stylish bed frames that are more than equipped to support your mattress evenly for a long time. We even have bed frames with storage space for your more practical, organisational needs. They come fitted with a German Hydraulic lift system that allows for easy bed-lifting and safe and convenient storage of all your essential items.

5. Wash your bed sheets regularly

With the amount of time you probably spend on your bed, you want it to be well-maintained and sanitary. Using the same unwashed bedsheets leads to sheets covered in food crumbs, hair, dried saliva, and other unsavoury elements – practically a breeding ground for bacteria, germs, and dust mites. To avoid this, wash and change your bed sheets regularly. You’ll safeguard your physical health while also maintaining your comfort levels.


Investing in good sleep health doesn’t end with choosing a superior mattress. You have to take extra care to maintain your bed. Incorporate the tips as mentioned above into your mattress protection measures, and you’ll get a bed that will last longer than you thought possible. At Four Star, we provide everything you may need for a good night’s sleep. Come on down to our store and peruse our myriad high-quality mattresses to find the one that’s been made for you. Contact us to find out more today!


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