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Why Your Kids Will Love Having Pull-Out Beds In Their Rooms

Why Your Kids Will Love Having Pull-Out Beds In Their Rooms

Having a room to yourself may seem like nothing to an adult, but it’s much more than that to a child. A bedroom filled with toys, stuffed animals and posters of their favourite cartoon characters can feel like a wonderland to your child.

Besides all the fun decorations, a good quality bed with functionality is an essential piece of furniture in your child’s room. As a parent, you’d care deeply about your child’s well-being, so ensuring they get the best rest at night is natural. There are many kinds of beds you can pick out for your child, like a lift-up storage bed with a mattress or one with built-in side drawers. A popular choice for kids would be a pull-out bed – let us tell you why yours will love them too.

Fun And Easy To Use

1. Fun And Easy To Use

Does your child feel like having extra bed space? Placing an extra mattress can be a simple fix. Forget lugging your extra mattress into the room, as a pull-out bed provides everyone with a convenient solution. All you need to do is pull the mattress out from under the bed, and it’ll roll out smoothly.

Unlike traditional bed frames, a pull-out bed brings a new versatile style your child will enjoy. A bed like this can sprinkle in a tiny element of fun to children’s rooms as your kid gets to pull out their mattress and push it back in without much difficulty. It may also allow them to feel more independent and confident in maintaining their own space, teaching them useful organisation skills.

2. Saves Space For Playtime

Being a bed with a mattress that you can effortlessly extend out and keep back when you desire, you can save as much space as possible in your child’s bedroom. It allows your little one to create more floor space for their toys when they want to play.

Playtime can now feel more comfortable without extra clutter or furniture taking up the area needed. Putting away toys can also feel more stress-free as the extra space provides you and your child more room, especially if your kid has bulky toys like a dollhouse or building blocks.

Manoeuvring around the room will also be much easier for your child and prevents them from tripping over and hurting themselves by accident.

3. Great For Sleepovers Or Sharing A Room

Kids love to have sleepovers with their best friends, and when your child does invite their friend over for the night, providing another place to sleep for the little guest won’t be a worry with a pull-out bed. Reveal the additional fresh, clean mattress underneath, and their sleepover is about to be a blast!

Sharing a room with another sibling will be just as breezy too. A parent like you won’t have to worry about trying to squeeze in another separate bed in the room, taking up too much space and obstructing your path. Two mattresses in a single pull-out bed frame will solve your problems, making it more innovative to save space while providing each child with a comfortable place to sleep.

Whether a sleepover or simply sharing rooms, a pull-out bed will be an excellent choice for your kids and make bedtimes more relaxing.

Great For Sleepovers Or Sharing A Room


Being such a stylish and efficient space-saving bed, you can consider pull-out beds as one of your top choices for your child’s bedroom. Your child should have the best bed as getting a night of restful sleep is a must-have, especially for young children.

If you think a pull-out bed should be the next purchase for your home, consider purchasing a high-quality mattress for your child, like Four Star’s Kids Paedic mattress.

Besides pull-out beds, we also offer a wide selection of storage bed frames for you to choose from, no matter your style and needs. Visit our website today and explore our collection.


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