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Why You Should Consider Purchasing A Hybrid Mattress

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With the various types of mattresses available in the market nowadays, choosing the right bed for a good night’s sleep can be more time-consuming than you think. Beyond catering to your personal sleeping needs, the host of health benefits that a mattress provides is paramount in ensuring you attain quality rest each night.

And between the typical memory foam and latex mattresses, you may be torn between the advantages of both, leaving you stumped on which bed to invest in. But what if you can get the best of both worlds with a hybrid mattress? By combining the cosiness of a latex foam mattress with the resilience of a traditional pocket spring bed, you enjoy utmost comfort and support while you slumber throughout the night.

As such, it is a brilliant option for those seeking a mattress that offers adequate pressure relief and pain alleviation – championing hybrid beds as a top contender amongst mattress choices. To drive this point home, let us share several life-changing reasons why you should consider purchasing a hybrid bed from a mattress shop in Singapore.

1. Relieves pain and aches

If you frequently wake up with back pains and aches, switching to a hybrid mattress will serve you well in alleviating any forms of discomfort as you sleep throughout the night. This is because a hybrid bed utilises the unique combination of a pocket spring mattress and premium latex foam layers for comprehensive body support.

Designed with your comfort in mind, a hybrid mattress consists of sturdy pocket spring structures that allow it to conform easily to your different sleeping positions. It wonderfully contours to the various parts of your body that require pressure relief most, such as your neck, shoulders, or hips – reducing all sorts of aches you may experience with a poor-quality bed.

Beyond offering adequate structural support, the spring core also encourages spinal alignment and proper sleeping postures. The top latex foam layers then cushion your body to provide you with plush comfort as you snooze, giving you the cosiness that a traditional memory foam mattress is unable to. All these benefits work in tandem to alleviate chronic pain or soreness in your body.

2. Promotes optimal breathability

It is known that memory foam mattresses tend to retain body heat, leading to night sweats and interrupted sleep cycles. However, when it comes to selecting the right bed for a quality rest, did you know that one of its qualifications must be ample temperature regulation?

For the uninitiated, your mattress should ideally be engineered with breathable materials that promote air circulation. Take a hybrid bed, for example – these mattresses are renowned for their composition of breathable materials, such as latex foam and a pocket spring core. Together, they allow airflow to circulate easily, removing trapped body heat to provide you with a more relaxed sleeping environment. This leads to deeper, restorative sleep.

Mattress Shop, Mattress Shop Singapore

If you are a hot sleeper, there are even state-of-the-art hybrid mattresses that comprise a cooling-gel memory foam to help you sleep better! At Four Star, our DETENSE | Artic Silk® Advanze Aire Flex™ mattresses employ revolutionary Japanese technology to provide you with a comfortable night of sleep. They are infused with a cooling gel that diverts heat away from your body to ensure a refreshing sleeping surface. Additionally, our mattresses also boast Silk-feel eco fibres to increase their ability to stay cooler for longer. And because they are crafted with natural latex – a material with an open-cell structure to enhance optimal air circulation – your body temperature is further regulated.

Additionally, you can pair our mattresses with a customisable storage bed frame, featuring a German Hydraulic lift system that allows you to hoist the bed with ease to store your personal belongings and declutter your room. With a less crowded space, there is better air circulation, leading to a cooler bedroom.

3. Value-for-money alternative

Are you on a tight budget and unable to afford a premium latex bed? If so, then a hybrid mattress is the perfect alternative. This is because a hybrid bed is a practical investment that offers you an endless combination of different materials, making for a customised product that perfectly caters to your sleeping needs – all at an affordable cost! So, why not go all out in searching for a hybrid mattress tailored just for you?

For example, you can opt for either pocket-coil springs or a classic innerspring system for the hybrid mattress’s core. As for the padded comfort layers, feel free to pick a combination of latex foam, memory foam, or other unconventional materials! Plus, the firmness of your bed is also up to your liking. Hence, regardless of whichever mattress composition you pick, these beds are sure to offer exceptional benefits for a restful sleep each night.


While the price of a mattress is a significant deciding factor, there are also other essential aspects to consider. Given Singapore’s humid climate, a cooling hybrid mattress can do wonders in improving your overall sleep quality. You will even wake up feeling refreshed each day! Now that you have a better understanding of how hybrid mattresses perform, you can make an informed decision when shopping for a new bed.

If what we shared has convinced you, head on over to our Four Star stores today and view our extensive mattress catalogue first-hand! From cooling mattresses to king-sized beds, we feature a wide array of bedding accessories to suit your every need.


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