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Why You Should Buy A Storage Bed For Your New BTO Flat

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You have gotten the keys to your new BTO flat, the renovation is done, and you are ready to move into your new house. There is just a small matter of purchasing the right furniture for your new apartment, especially your bedroom.

We spend a third of our daily lives asleep, and the bedroom is one of the places we spent the most time in. Therefore, it is crucial to select a suitable bed that can provide you with the best sleep while fitting into your bedroom’s overall aesthetics. Find out why a storage bed may be the perfect choice for your brand new home.

More storage options

Our modern HDBs are getting smaller due to the increasing land constraints in Singapore. With less space to utilise, you may have to pick and choose the items you wish to move into your apartment. Your bed will also take up a large area in the bedroom, leaving less room for other furniture such as your closet. As such, owning a storage bed alleviates this issue and provides you with more space to store your precious items.

At Four Star, we offer a variety of choices for you to choose your ideal storage bed. From customisable storage capacity to colours, materials and designs, you can pick out the right storage bed frames to suit your need. They also come with German hydraulic lift system for better access to your items underneath the bed. As it takes up your existing floor space, this provides a great solution to your space constraint problems and meet your storage needs.

More efficient housecleaning

After a long work week, it can be exhausting to spend your weekends tidying your home. Owning a storage bed can help to minimise your housekeeping. Instead of having unused items lying around your bedroom collecting dust, you can store them inside your storage bed. Keeping these items away can also eliminate any potential obstacle when cleaning your room.

It is common to find dust bunnies gathering underneath a regular bed frame, as there is a gap between the frame and the floor. These affected areas are a hassle to clean due to the narrow gap, which makes them inaccessible. It is also easy for small objects to find their way into this gap. If the item is trapped in a corner, you may find it difficult to bend down and fish it out. This may necessitate shifting the bed frame from its original position, which can be burdensome.

However, a storage bed can provide a solution to these two issues as the design of the storage bed frame eliminates that gap – making storage and accessibility much easier.

Complement your bedroom’s design

The bed frame of a storage bed is typically made with wood, and it comes in various stunning designs and colours. This frame is the perfect alternative to an expensive headboard as it is both practical and stylistic. It also gives off a classy look and helps to elevate the aesthetics of your bedroom.

At Four Star, you also have the option of customising your own headboard – whether you want something more modern or classic, you can get the perfect piece that matches your preferred style.

Saves money

In addition to utilising your bedroom space effectively, a storage bed can also help you reduce your expenditure. Whenever you require additional storage space, you can easily use the storage capacity under the bed and save money without spending on extra closet or wardrobe. For couples on a budget, they may see this as killing two birds with one stone.

Invest in something more worthwhile with your money, and pair your storage bed with mattresses that support a good night’s rest. Our premium DETENSE | ArcticSilk® Advanze Aire Flex™ mattress is the perfect addition to your bedroom for the ultimate sleeping space. Made with revolutionary Aire Flex™ technology, it has breathable material to support better airflow and mattress temperature regulation. This means cooler, well-rested nights so your body is fully recharged for the next day!


There are many advantages to owning a storage bed, and this list is by no means exhaustive. The versatility that it offers is a reason for its growing popularity. If you are in the midst of furnishing your new BTO flat, head over to Four Star stores and explore our range of storage beds for your bedroom. From cooling memory foam to luxury pocket spring mattresses, you can also find the ideal bed to support your sleeping posture and improve your quality of rest.



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