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Why A Pull-Out Bed Should Be The Next Purchase For Your Home

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Getting a new bed is a significant investment for the bedroom, and homeowners want to make sure they can enjoy both functionality and comfort that’s worth the money. With a pull-out bed, it is an attractive option – especially for those living in smaller HDB flats.

A pull-out bed is a creative solution that maximises flexibility and functionality in a limited space. Just like the name suggests, it is a raised bed that has another mattress stowed underneath where you can pull forward whenever needed. Ideal for accommodating guests or families with kids, make the most of your bedroom with a pull-out bed! We explore 3 reasons why you should get it for your next home purchase.

Solve space limitations

You won’t know the true value of your space at home until you have moved in the furniture and started decorating the rooms. With BTO flats getting smaller and more compact over the years, many homeowners have to be more creative with their choice of interior décor, which includes space-saving furniture like storage beds and pull-out beds.

Sometimes, you may not have enough rooms to accommodate all of your family members, or you have young kids who may wish to still sleep in the same room as you. With the pull-out bed, you can easily roll out another mattress to double up the sleeping space – and yet, it only takes up the space of a single bed frame!

Save time

Imagine the time you can save with a pull-out bed. If you have an individual spare mattress, you would need to keep it inside the storage room or somewhere in the bedroom. Besides the space it takes up, you will need to take it out, rearrange the surrounding furniture, and lay it down in a nice and comfortable set-up for night time. Doing this takes time and quite a bit of physical effort.

But with a pull-out bed, you don’t have to deal with all the hassle and fuss. Whether you need to make space for an overnight guest, or get ready for bedtime with your kids, just roll out the bottom bunk and you can jump right into bed in no time! The lower bed is already fitted with a sliding mechanism, so you don’t have to exert a lot of strength every time you need to roll it out.

Storage space alternative

A pull-out bed also gives you versatility with all that space underneath your bed. If you don’t need to use the mattress anymore, you can remove it and use the space for storage purposes. For example, you can keep your bed linens, blankets and pillowcases for easy access or if your wardrobe has run out of space.

Another idea is to store some of your books underneath, which makes it convenient for you to do some late-night reading. Similar to a storage bed, you can include small organisers and storage compartments to ensure everything stays neat and clutter-free.


By choosing a pull-out bed over a traditional single-bed bed frame, you get two for the price of one – and certainly get your money’s worth with all these benefits. Plus, with its special design, your kids might get even more excited to sleep on the lower bunk while enjoying the comfort it provides.

Complete your pull-out bed with the ideal mattress that provides a comfortable night’s sleep for the whole family. Our premium DETENSE | ArcticSilk® Advanze Aire Flex™ mattress is designed with revolutionary Japanese technology that helps to regulate overall mattress temperature, improve breathability and supports faster cooling ability. This gel-infused memory foam mattress also provides the ideal support for your body while minimising sleeping disturbances throughout the night.

Explore the range of mattresses we have at Four Star – they come with various features to meet your sleeping needs. We also carry pull-out beds as well as storage beds in different bed frame sizes, so you can pick the right one for your bedroom! Visit our Four Star showrooms to experience our luxurious mattresses first-hand, or check out our mattress shop online!


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