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When Should You Consider Buying A New Mattress?

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Getting a good night’s sleep is one of the most crucial elements to maintaining a healthy lifestyle. Without quality rest, our bodies cannot heal and repair themselves, while our brains will struggle to function at peak capacity. One of the biggest factors that determine how well-rested we are is the comfort of our mattresses.

However, Singaporeans are sometimes unwilling to fork out the cash to replace their ageing mattresses despite their importance. From their perspective, spending money on a new bed might not seem financially feasible when their existing mattress is still usable, but this could not be further from the truth. This is because an old mattress can no longer provide its user with the adequate support they need for a good night’s sleep.

Even the best mattress has a specific lifespan and would need to be replaced once it has worn out. Nevertheless, it can be challenging to determine if it is time to seek a replacement for your reliable bed. If you are unsure when to swap out your existing mattress, let us share three hints that will clue you in on this fact.

1. It has been ten years since you have started sleeping on it.

There is no definite lifespan for a mattress as it depends on a wide range of factors, such as the material and the frequency of usage. However, on average, most mattresses have a lifespan of up to ten years maximum. As a general rule of thumb, start checking your mattress for any subtle signs of wear and tear after seven years. If you spot any deterioration in the state of your mattress, it may be time to seek a new replacement.

2. You notice sagging or an indent.

It is paramount to take note of any sag or indent in your bed, especially if you are using a memory foam mattress. This mattress type is famous for its ability to sculpt itself around your body to support the natural alignment of your spine. However, this also means that your mattress may soften more quickly over time and lose its ability to support your body faster than other mattresses types.

Your mattress should not form deep, lasting idents after a long night of rest. If you notice sagging and apparent dips that are more than two inches deep, it is a sign that you need to get your mattress replaced. Once the memory foam softens and the fibres start to compress, you may begin to experience shoulder aches and back pains from the lack of adequate support. Likewise, spring and coil mattresses will also wear out over time, so you may need to consider investing in a new mattress if you regularly wake up with joint aches and back pains.

3. You are waking up with itchy eyes, a runny nose, and other allergy symptoms.

Mattresses are a common breeding ground for dust mites, fungi, and other microscopic allergens. This is because the natural humidity and warmth of a mattress form the ideal environment for such micro-organisms to breed. Moreover, we shed dead skin cells in our sleep, which dust mites feed on. Even if you vacuum and clean your mattress regularly, such allergens will still accumulate over time unless your mattress is hypoallergenic.

Dust mites do not carry harmful diseases, and they are often harmless, but they also trigger allergic reactions. For asthmatics, these pests are hazardous. According to a research study performed by NUS-SMART, their faecal waste would trigger flare-ups and inflammation among asthmatics. Therefore, if you have been noticing an increase in your asthma and allergies, you should consider replacing your mattress with a new one that is anti-microbial.

What do I need to know before purchasing my next mattress?

There is no single definition for a quality mattress. While a good mattress provides consistent, long-lasting support, there are various other factors you need to consider when you are out shopping for your new bed. After all, everyone has different needs and priorities. However, some elements you should keep in mind include how you sleep, your allergies (if any), your body temperature, and the needs of your spouse.

If you are prone to allergies and other flare-ups, consider purchasing a storage bed that will minimise clutter and the accumulation of dust in your room. At Four Star, we offer one of the widest selections of storage beds in Singapore, and they can be customised depending on your needs. Our storage bed frames utilise a German Hydraulic life system so you can easily lift your bed to store your personal items.

Furthermore, you can pair your customised storage bed frame with our DETENSE | ArticSilk® Advanze Air Flex mattresses. Our mattresses are eco-friendly and anti-microbial, which inhibits the growth of micro-organisms such as dust mites and other allergens that can trigger your allergies and asthma. In addition to their hypoallergenic nature, these mattresses also feature natural latex that supports the curvature of your spine. With adequate spinal support, your blood circulation is increased, thereby promoting pain relief.


Changing your mattress after so many years may feel like a difficult choice to make, but it is necessary to ensure good sleep health and a better quality of life. It is crucial to note that you spend approximately one-third of your life in bed. Therefore, you should not hesitate to invest in a quality mattress to ensure you get a good night’s rest.

If you are ready to shop for a new mattress, you can browse our collection online or head down to our Four Star showroom and experience them first-hand. From latex mattresses to king-sized beds with storage, we offer an extensive selection of products to cater to your every need.


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