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Ways To Recharge Yourself For This Coming Hari Raya Haji

Ways To Recharge Yourself For This Coming Hari Raya Haji

As Hari Raya Haji approaches this year, you must be bubbling with excitement! If you and your family are celebrating this important holiday, you would most likely be busy visiting lots of family and friends, having meals together and simply catching up with each other. With more rest days, you’ll also be able to take a well-deserved longer break from work and school.

Since you would have many activities packed in-store, you may need a little extra energy boost before them. Even if you weren’t planning on doing much for this calendar event, we have a few great ways to help you get the relaxation you need.


1) Watch a movie at home

Getting cosy and putting on your favourite movie with a yummy snack is a great way to ease your mind. Entertain yourself with a light-hearted comedy or a suspenseful mystery as you curl up comfortably in bed or on your cooling mattress.

Putting on some entertainment on your television is a simple and easy way to bond while also taking a break from your fast-paced life. Amidst your Hari Raya Haji preparations, take some time to kick your feet up and have some laughs by watching your favourite titles. You don’t have to do this alone either – sometimes, watching a movie or series can feel better with your loved ones beside you. It’s good to stop and enjoy the little things as it can bring peace to your mind.


2) Play games together

Whether you like board games, card games or video games, keeping your mind active and fired up is a fantastic way to inject fun into your family’s lives. Have some friendly competition with your siblings, or use your teamwork skills in a few rounds of multi-player games.

Relieving your built-up stress from the week is important and allows you to get the most replenishing and recharging rest. Playing games is one of the most fun-filled methods you can try to let out your anxiety and feel serene.

Relaxing doesn’t always mean you have to laze around doing nothing. If you’re the kind of person who would feel more rejuvenated by keeping your mind awake, bring out your collection of games and pick your favourite one!


3) Take a light afternoon nap

The most go-to way to recharge yourself is by taking a short nap in the middle of the day. Sleep is essential, but taking too long rest can leave you more tired than before. At times, all you feel like doing is slumping over on your sofa or your bed and getting your forty winks.

It is recommended that adults should take a 20-minute nap to feel energised and wake up without experiencing grogginess, also known as sleep inertia. This optimal power nap length will allow your body and mind to recover and boost your energy levels for the rest of the day. Napping past the 30-minute mark is not as ideal as you may reach the stages of deep sleep, so make sure you set a timer or get your family members to wake you up.

Sleeping on a good-quality mattress also helps ensure you have the best nap. Luckily, we offer you an excellent collection, including a memory foam mattress that contours your body comfortably so you can sleep without discomfort. We have many other types to suit your needs as well. Give yourself the support you need as you sleep and wake up feeling refreshed like never before.

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Taking care of your body and well-being before going about all your exciting activities is something that you shouldn’t neglect. Spend this time well enjoying with your loved ones and make sure to get the relaxation while you can.

Here at Four Star, we care about you and provide you with an array of mattress types to choose from so you can sleep soundly every night. Whether you need a cooling mattress to beat the heat or one to help with your back pain, you can trust us to tend to your sleep issues by providing you with our solutions. Shop our mattresses today!


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