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Ways A Clean And Decluttered Room Can Impact Your Sleep

Ways A Clean And Decluttered Room Can Impact Your Sleep

Have you ever had times when you look around at your messy room, shrug it off because you are too tired to clean up and hop onto your bed? As much as you can relax more without tidying up your room regularly, you should.

Making your room look spick and span will be worth all of your effort, as having a clean bedroom can positively impact your quality of sleep in various ways, so let us share a few with you to help you feel motivated to start tidying up.

1. Creates A More Comfortable Environment

Cleaning your room and decluttering the mess around makes your space feel brighter and more refreshed, creating an excellent environment for getting the proper rest that your mind and body need.

With a comfortable bed to sleep on, it only makes sense that the rest of your room feels the same. Imagine coming home from a long and tiring day – all you want is to crash into your plush pillows but instead trip over your dirty laundry. You would be feeling more agitated instead of relieved. Regularly tidying your room can cause less stress and anxiety as you would not have to worry about bumping into piles of books or stubbing your toe into your chair, instantly improving your mood.

After waking up, it also helps that you are greeted with a neat and beautiful room, allowing you to start the day calm and in a good mood. Your private space should be your tranquil sanctuary to enjoy your day and clear your mind, so decluttering your room is a good step toward that.

2. Improves Your Room’s Air Quality

Aside from having a more comfortable bedroom, cleaning your room can help with the air quality in your room. Especially if you have easily-irritable allergies, sinus problems and sensitive skin, you will be grateful for decluttering and keeping your room dust-free.

Doing some light cleaning of your shelves and bedside tables, changing old beddings and wiping down desks help get rid of any built-up dust in your room and help to make the air you breathe in feel purer. Vacuuming hard-to-reach areas also make a difference as you know that you have cleared your space of any particles and allergens as much as possible.

The next time you sweep your room up of dust, notice whether you feel your nose and skin itching less when you sleep in your bed. If you find yourself sneezing less, you have significantly improved the air quality in your room and can now rest blissfully.

3. Helps You To Reduce Insomnia

Some of you may find it hard to fall asleep at night when your room has clutter and trash strewn around. Falling asleep in an unorganised room can leave you feeling uneasy as you may be preoccupied trying to think of how you should start cleaning your room or the number of things you have to declutter.

With these thoughts lingering in your mind while trying to get yourself to switch off for the night, you might stay awake till the wee hours of the morning instead. Your brain is telling you to stay awake so that you can think, but you may feel conflicted as you just want to rest.

A problem like this can be avoided if you organise and clean up earlier in the day. You can complete this chore first and reward yourself by relaxing in bed all you would like after. It would be much better for you and your mind than staying awake all night, tossing around and struggling to sleep.

Helps You To Reduce Insomnia


Decluttering your mess and cleaning your room will do wonders for your sleep in the long run with the many benefits. Getting a peaceful sleep is essential for you to stay energised with a healthy, stress-free mind.

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