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Useful Tips For Buying A New Mattress For Your New BTO Flat

Useful Tips For Buying A New Mattress For Your New BTO Flat

Moving into your new home for the first time can leave you bubbling with excitement and is something that most new BTO homeowners can relate to.

However, going shopping for the things you will need can be somewhat stressful as there are many things to look for. From living room furniture to bedroom essentials, one of the most important things to purchase would be a new mattress to sleep on.

There are a few things that you should consider when deciding on the kind of mattress that would be the most comfortable for you. Picking the right mattress is crucial as it can affect the quality of your sleep, and you want to avoid wasting your money on one that will not serve you well, so let us give you some helpful tips.

Consider your past-experienced sleep issues


1. Consider your past-experienced sleep issues

Taking into account back problems or multiple bad nights of sleep you have encountered before can help to start you off to narrow down your mattress choices.

Whether you are constantly tossing and turning in bed, waking up with an aching back or feeling stuffy throughout the night, these issues are worth noting. Most of the time, the root cause for these discomforts is your mattress.

If you need a mattress to help relieve pain from your back and give you great support, consider looking into one that focuses on solving that problem, like Four Star’s Chiro+ mattresses.

Chiro+ mattresses are designed to provide orthopaedic posture support with their Hexa-Coil Individual Pocketed Spring System and 3E (Environmental, Equity & Economy) Natural Fibre which offers high durability and firmness for optimal spinal support.

For stuffiness, a cooling mattress is what you are looking for to give you refreshing comfort while you rest your head at night. One that has excellent airflow and uses anti-static fabric with a cooling effect, like our DETENSE ArticSilk Advanze Air Flex mattresses, could be something else to consider.


2. Take note of your sleeping posture

Different people have different ways to sleep – on their backs, sides, or stomachs. To help support your sleeping habits, choosing your mattress firmness plays a part here.

If you like sleeping on your back, we recommend a mattress with medium firmness. A softer mattress would be better for those who prefer sleeping on your side. Stomach-sleepers should opt for a firmer mattress so that they are provided with better body support.

You can find great soft mattresses like ones made of memory foam here at Four Star. They are lovely as you gain customised support and comfort when you sleep at night as the material hugs your body snugly for support and good weight distribution.


3. Find the right mattress size

Ensuring you have the correct measurements you need for your mattress will save a lot of hassle when buying a mattress. Doing this ensures that you do not waste time and effort for a more easy-going mattress shopping experience.

Start by considering whether you will be using the mattress just for yourself or if you will be sharing it with another person. Also, factor in whether you prefer a bigger mattress to roll around in or if you like one that is just right.

Having a mattress too large for your bed frame causes it to slide, whilst one that is too small creates gaps and will not be kept in place, which further damages both the mattress and bed frame.

A mattress that fits nicely into your bed frame is most favourable for comfort. If you are looking at our options for your BTO flat, why not get a storage bed with a mattress together? With our many storage bed options, you will gain comfort and efficiency too.



Buying a new mattress can be very hassle-free if you follow our tips. It is an excellent investment for your new home as you can get years of pleasant sleep at night without waking up with the back pains and stuffiness you used to experience.

Here at Four Star, you are guaranteed the best quality mattresses to suit your every need and preference. Be it a mattress with back support or one that provides a cooling feel; we are here to help you.

Find out more about our wide range of available products and prioritise your well-being today because we will be here supporting you always.


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