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Types Of Bed Frames And How They Can Support Your Needs

Types Of Bed Frames And How They Can Support Your Needs

People have always assumed that bed frames contribute less to a good night’s sleep than mattresses do. In reality, it’s hard to make that distinction. However, one thing is for sure – you should never compromise when it comes to your sleep health. And that means picking the perfect bed frame for your individual needs.

Bed frames are designed to carry and support your mattress. It holds your mattress above the ground and aids in increasing its comfort and lifespan. Bed frames can also be chosen based on their visual or practical appeal.

People buy bed frames based on their budget, unique preferences, personal style, and requirements. Read on to learn more about the different types of bed frames and how you should pick the best option for you.

Trundle beds

1. Trundle beds

A trundle bed holds an additional bed frame that can be pulled out when required and pushed back underneath when it isn’t. The trundle bed is famed for its versatility and practicality. It’s usually made from metal, medium-density fibreboard, or wood.

Because of its space-saving feature and multiple uses, they’re perfect for guest rooms or any other reason you might need another bed. However, since the secondary mattress tends to be smaller and closer to the ground, the bedding is either a temporary solution for adults or more suited to children. You will also require a thinner mattress for ease of use.

Storage beds

2. Storage beds

Storage bed frames are the go-to option for saving space in the bedroom. They tend to come equipped with a hydraulic lift system that facilitates space efficiency. The storage beds provide abundant room under the bed for storing any essentials (or non-essentials) you might want to keep from sight. For example, bedsheets, clothes, or personal items can be kept safe under your mattress.

A bed frame with storage is perfect for on-the-go people looking to keep their space uncluttered. If you’re aiming for a minimalist style of décor, you can’t go wrong with a stylish and practical storage bed.

Platform beds

3. Platform beds

A platform bed frame provides a strong surface area to set your mattress on without needing a box spring. The style of the bed frame is much more convenient and efficient. However, the difference is that platform beds have a solid, sometimes slatted, base. Platform beds are highly versatile, working with almost any mattress out there.

They are also better for those needing more back support because of the firmness of the surface it provides for your mattress. Since these bed frames tend to be lower to the floor, going to bed and climbing out of it is also much simpler.

Upholstered beds

4. Upholstered beds

Upholstered bed frames are an increasingly popular option due to their unparalleled comfort. They come with padded headboards, a softer base, and padded sides and can be made from either genuine or faux leather or fabric. Moreover, there is no limit to the styles and colours they are made in.

While they’re comfortable and aesthetically pleasing, upholstered bed frames can require additional cleaning and maintenance and are more prone to wear and tear than other bed frames.


The bed frame you select can affect your sleep profoundly and determine the décor of your room. It isn’t a decision you should take lightly. Ponder your options well and choose based on what would best suit your needs.

At Four Star, we have a wide range of high-quality bed frames that you can peruse to make your choice. They are designed to enhance the quality of your sleep in unprecedented ways. Contact us today to learn more!


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