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Top 3 Mattresses To Aid You In A Good Night’s Rest This CNY

Chiro Mattress, Mattress For Lower Back Pain

As CNY is rolling around the corner, our busy lives can only get busier from here on out. Whether you’re stuck in preparation mode for the upcoming CNY, or busy dressing up your house for friends, family and relatives, one thing you shouldn’t neglect is a good night’s sleep. After all, you need the energy to get back up tomorrow and take on the challenges of a new day! While we certainly don’t encourage you to stay up late, having a good, proper mattress can definitely aid you and your health in the long run.

Are you currently having a tough time picking one mattress to fit your needs? It’s time to let us help you choose with our top 3 mattress types that best suits your needs!

1. Chiropedic Mattresses

The question on many people’s minds is simple: is it possible to achieve both a relaxing session and also achieve good, ample rest? Of course! With a Chiropedic mattress, you too can ensure that each night feels like a perfect investment to solve your pains and issues. While many adults would rather opt to spend top dollars on chiropractic treatments, most of which only last one or two hours, a Chiropedic mattress saves you both money and pain in the long run and lasts for up to 8 hours of a good night’s rest!

With the help of associations such as the World Federation of Chiropractic collaborating with manufacturers, FourStar included, Chiropedic mattresses were created to offer the chance of getting in extra care and support that your body needs. Whether you’re longing for a rest at night or a mattress for lower back pain, a Chiropedic mattress is your top choice when it comes to pain and relaxation, as their soft and cushiony sinking feeling is often too difficult to resist! This can especially come in handy for all those late nights of CNY visiting and socialising.

2. Memory Foam Mattress

When it comes to excellent support and comfort, you can’t get any better than traditional memory foam mattresses. They are recognised for their superb support and provide exceptional comfort to give you a perfect night’s sleep. Could you imagine climbing onto your bed at night and comfortably dozing off to sleep? A memory foam mattress can do just that!

Memory foam mattresses enable the user to feel snug throughout the night and ensure that you can be cradled to sleep after a long workday or a tiring CNY visit. Memory foam mattresses come with a comfort layer at the top, which makes a significant difference to how comfortable the mattress feels. Not only are they effectively comfortable, but memory foam also distributes your body weight in response to heat and pressure all across its top layer. Has your mattress not treated you right with comfort? Perhaps it’s time you switch to a memory foam mattress.

 3. Gel-Infused Foam Mattress

While it might seem confusing at first, gel-infused foam mattresses are indeed another form of memory foam mattresses. However, there is a small difference: with the addition of gel to the foam mattress’ support system or upholstery layer. It varies more so than the traditional memory foam mattresses, but the most significant factor for gel-infused foam lies in its ability to absorb body heat and ensure a cooling mattress for you to rest. In Singapore’s hot and sunny weather, a gel-infused foam mattress can save you from sweating every night! It is essentially a cooling memory foam mattress.

Gel-infused foam mattresses impressively disperse heat from your body, allowing you to sleep cooler and much more comfortable at night. The structure of the mattress allows an increase in airflow, enabling the mattress to easily control the temperature and keep the bed fresh for the sleeper. Not only are they luxurious, but they come at an affordable cost too.

Conclusion: Which mattress to buy?

When it comes to the right mattress for you, the choice comes down to subjective nature and the situation of the individual. Are you in need of comfort at night? A memory foam mattress is a perfect choice. Are you looking to relieve pain for a relaxing sleep? A Chiropedic mattress can help immensely. Is the weather playing a part in your lack of sleep? Choose the gel-infused foam mattress for heat-free worry.

With each mattress being entirely different, it’s up to you to try them all for yourself and guarantee a good night’s rest this CNY. And regardless of what you choose, complete your bedroom with a storage bed frame to help you stow away clutter when you have guests over!


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