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Things To Consider When Buying Mattresses For Your Kids

Things To Consider When Buying Mattresses For Your Kids

Sleep is essential to a child’s healthy development and ability to carry out daily tasks. Studies show that children tend to require more sleep than adults. The exact amount of sleep they need ranges from 9 to 12 hours, depending on the child’s age.

Sleeping well enhances a child’s attention span, betters their mood, and is one of the critical factors in maintaining their physical and mental health. Sleep is also crucial to their physical development as that is the period in time that their bodies will start to repair themselves from the natural wear and tear of life – especially beneficial to children who are constantly up and about when they’re not actively resting.

It’s no surprise that parents will work hard to ensure their children receive the sleep they deserve. A good quality sleep set-up, especially a mattress, is paramount to achieving this. We’ve made this easier for you by listing down all the factors you should look out for when purchasing one for your child.

1. Supportive

First and foremost, your child’s mattress has to be supportive. It needs to be firm to facilitate growth while ensuring that your child’s limbs are aligned, and their spine is in a neutral position. Soon, the mattress will form along their shape, releasing the pressure on their shoulders and back.

In most cases, a pocket spring mattress can help them achieve this effect. There’s also the bonus of improving your child’s posture with the help of the individual springs.

2. Durable

Children are often synonymous with having accidents. Because they still haven’t developed many of their fine motor skills, mistakes are bound to crop up as they move along the world. Children tend to wet the bed or spill drinks and food on themselves given half the chance. Their mattress then has to have the ability to withstand these stains. You don’t want to have to replace mattresses every time they’re compromised!

Purchase a stain-resistant mattress and a mattress protector so you can rest easy in the knowledge that your child will always have a comfortable, clean bed waiting for them at the end of the day.

3. Fitting

Mattresses for children tend to be categorised by age group. A mattress appropriate for your toddler will not necessarily work for them as they grow.

Mattresses for babies tend to be waterproof, easy to wash, firm, and small enough to fit in your baby’s cot perfectly. For toddlers, they will need a bigger bed and require a bit more comfort for ease of sleep. Your young child may want a single bed to themselves. From there, it is a matter of their personal preference and trial and error until you find the right one.

4. Comfort

Lastly, your kid’s mattress should be comfortable. This is the factor that matters the most to children. They don’t care as much about how long the mattress will last or if it will be comfortable in the long run, only that their immediate needs are met.

What works for some children will not work for others. Every child has unique needs. They sleep in different positions and can favour either soft or firm mattresses. It’s up to you to find the perfect match for your little one so they can doze off without complaint.



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