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The Surprising Advantages Of Owning A Cooling Mattress

The Surprising Advantages Of Owning A Cooling Mattress

Mattresses are a significant component of your sleep health. Yet, we often downplay their importance in our lives. A good mattress can mean the difference between a good, productive day and a day spent fatigued and in a constant state of exhaustion. The average person needs to pay close attention to every aspect of the mattress before purchasing it. Its firmness, for example, and even its temperature.

Some of us snuggle up with a blanket or comforter at night, but most times, people would rather sleep on a cooler mattress for reasons beyond keeping chilly. A cooling mattress comes with myriad advantages that you should consider before making your decision. Read on to learn more.

Provides better sleep

1. Provides better sleep

Unfortunately, a restful night’s sleep is a luxury for people. Sleep often gets interrupted throughout the night because of how warm it can get. A cooler surrounding temperature is vital for an ideal sleep situation, especially in a tropical climate like Singapore.

A regular sleep cycle can be disturbed by your overheating and drastically impact your sleep quality. When sleep is fitful, your body will be unable to regulate hormones, metabolise food properly, and maintain high immunity. The importance of sleep cannot be emphasised enough.

One might be led to believe that people who get cold easily should not purchase a cooling mattress. However, this isn’t necessarily true. The function of a cooling mattress is not to keep you cold; only to ensure that the material will not absorb your body heat. This means that a cooling mattress will save you from overheating but will never put you in danger of getting too cold.

Good for pain relief

2. Good for pain relief

Inside cooling mattresses are a gel designed to mould your body’s shape and give you that specific, tailored support. Consequently, your spine is much more aligned.

The pressure is evenly distributed, so there’s no additional pressure on places like your knees, hips, or shoulders. If you’ve been experiencing body aches, a cooling mattress will help curb these pains while you sleep.

Minimises night sweats

3. Minimises night sweats

Sweating profusely at night is a problem that plagues many people, especially when a lot of material swathes them. Women who are approaching menopausal age especially tend to have trouble sleeping due to hormonal issues, which can also be attributed to night sweats.

Cooling mattresses helps minimise this occurrence drastically. Additionally, since the mattress is made from mainly natural materials, it consists of antimicrobial properties that ensure your mattress doesn’t retain bacteria should the sweating still persist.

Lasts a long time

4. Lasts a long time

Mattresses are no small investment. A mattress can set you back quite a bit, which is why it needs to be of the best quality. You wouldn’t want to buy another mattress so soon after spending all that money. A cooling mattress is assuredly durable and can be found at relatively reasonable prices. They contain thick beads of gel that ensure your mattress will retain its shape for a long time to come, so you can forego the hassle of replacing it too quickly.


A cooling mattress may seem frivolous initially, but it’s a practical investment that can drastically enhance the quality of your life in the long run. To pack in all the benefits you can into a whole night’s sleep, consider incorporating cutting-edge cooling technology into your sleep set-up.

Fortunately, Four Star provides a range of cooling mattresses that will send you into a restful slumber like no other. As an established retailer of high-quality mattresses and sleep accessories, your choices abound when you buy a cooling mattress in Singapore from us. Contact us today to learn more.


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