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Tencel: The Fabric That Makes Your Bed Feel Cooler For Sleep

Tencel: The Fabric That Makes Your Bed Feel Cooler For Sleep

What’s worse than feeling warm, sweaty and uncomfortable in bed when you just want to be relaxed? Finally, getting your well-deserved rest after a long and tiring work day should be something everyone should have every day. However, some nights just feel sweltering hot, and you need something that can cool your body temperature down fast.

You can stay cool at night while sleeping by blasting your AC, switching your fan to max speed or sleeping on a cooling mattress. What if we told you that your beddings and sheets could help to bring down the heat too? Let us tell you more about this particular material that can do wonders for a hot sleeper like you.

What is Tencel?

Lyocell, better known by its trademarked name Tencel, is a fabric material and natural fibre derived from wood pulp. The type of wood pulp used is most commonly made from eucalyptus, birch and spruce trees. The lyocell fibres are unique as they are surprisingly durable, absorb moisture well and are incredibly soft and gentle on your skin.

This sustainable fabric has become popular in the fashion industry – you might even have a piece of clothing with Tencel fabric in your wardrobe. However, Tencel is not just used for clothing production. It is also used in making bed sheets, pillowcases, mattresses and other soft furnishings.

Is Tencel ticking fabric mattress cooling?

You may find that on nights when it’s harder to sleep because of the warmth, it’s also humid in your bedroom. When the atmosphere is damp, it takes longer for your sweat to evaporate, leaving you more uncomfortable.

Think of Tencel as a paper-thin sponge: an efficient, breathable, lightweight moisture-absorber. Mattresses and fabric that absorb this extra moisture help decrease your body heat faster, making Tencel great. Its surface is incredibly silky smooth and has a natural sheen; being enveloped by bedding made with this fibre will have your bed feeling so luxurious that it’s fit for royalty.

Imagine having a Tencel ticking fabric fit snugly over a cooling memory foam mattress like ours from our latest Tencel Collection; you’ll have an extra level of cooling that will surely help you beat the heat.

Is Tencel ticking fabric mattress cooling?

How Tencel beds compare with typical ones

Let’s compare Tencel beds to the traditional ones usually made with cotton, as they are somewhat similar in a few ways. The differences lie in your personal sleep preferences and what feels better against your skin.

While Tencel is breathable, cotton is slightly thicker, giving a more cosy feel. Tencel is a delicate material and makes a better pick if you prefer your bed to be soft and smooth to the touch. Its softness makes it perfect for those with sensitive skin or eczema, as they irritate your skin less due to its natural anti-microbial properties. Hot sleepers should also pick this material as it does not trap as much heat as cotton ticking.


Though Tencel ticking fabric beds may be more of an investment than traditional ones, it is worth the value as it provides you with the coolness you seek. You’ll sleep better when you feel relaxed and pampered as you tuck yourself into bed. Weighing your needs will help you decide whether Tencel is the way to go as your ideal bed type.

Feeling breezy and supported at night can be a simple fix with our unique line of mattresses. Four Star offers you the new Tencel® Collection memory mattress with Tencel ticking fabric and an Individual Pocketed Spring System that allows excellent airflow so you can feel refreshed.

Give yourself a better sleep experience today. Find out more about our new mattress collection and head to our website today.


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