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3 Reasons Why You Should Buy A Storage Bed In Singapore

  • Feb 02, 2021
storage bed singapore

As space-constrained as we are in Singapore, there are plenty of tips and tricks that we can pull to maximize our bedroom! Given that your bed is likely to take up a large amount of space in your room – being strategic with your furniture choices is beneficial in the long run.

An increasingly popular option for those who want the best of both worlds – a storage bed offers a chic, contemporary look that is also functional.

Essentially platform beds that come with built-in storage drawers, either at the sides of the bed or a storage compartment underneath – here are 3 reasons why you will absolutely fall in love with this dual-purpose furniture!

Reason #1: Less clutter, more space

storage bed frame singapore

The biggest pro of getting a storage bed is not having to deal with dust bunnies and mould that can often accumulate underneath a traditional bed frame. Designed not only to keep dust and dirt at bay, a storage bed is a great option for those who are allergic and tend to find themselves losing items under their bed.

Needless to say, the main benefit of a storage bed frame is that it gives you plenty of extra space to place all your precious belongings; keeping them safe and free from dust as well. This also means more space around the room and a place that you can easily stow away items when the guests come over!

If you like staying super organized, and enjoy a space that is easy-to-clean and free from clutter – then you definitely should pick out a storage bed.

Reason #2: Adds aesthetic appeal and support

bed frame with storage singapore

Storage bed frames adds a dose of aesthetic appeal to your room due to its unique look and features – and also provides additional stability and support to your bed and mattress.

In fact, a storage bed acts as a solid foundation for your mattress that can actually contribute to better sleep! Coming in both queen and king size beds – heavier individuals who require a sturdier bed and space to toss and turn are able to get the proper support they need from the bed frame; rather than simply letting their mattress be placed atop a box spring alone.

With a modest storage bed, you can avoid the headache of having to choose one more furniture piece to match your room. Since it raises your mattress to a higher level – it allows your bed to take centre stage in being the focal – and talking point for sure!

There are plenty of designs that storage beds come in, from something more minimalistic, to regal and luxurious for a different atmosphere altogether. With a storage space, you also now have more space to play around with the rest of the room – instantly adding a touch of elegance and grace to your space!

Reason #3: Greater savings

storage bed

When you get a storage bed, you are saving on the costs of having to buy additional furniture such as closets and drawers. Need we say more?

Beds with additional storage are definitely a must-have furniture – especially for people who never seem to be able to find enough space. It is definitely a worthy investment for the future; which quickly pays off in dividends in terms of added protection, stability and aesthetic charm in any modern-day home!

Either way, anyone can benefit from having a storage bed in their home! Make sure to complement it with the right mattress to match your queen or king size storage bed at FourStar Singapore today!


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