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Spinal Care Mattress: Relieve Your Back Pains In The Morning

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Did you know that the quality and length of your sleep can affect both your mental and physical health, as well as the health of your spine? While there are many factors you should consider to improve your sleep and your spine health at night, the best place to start is by focusing on your mattress.

This is where our latest Spinal Care mattress at Four Star comes in. Featuring individual pocketed spring and 8” thickness, it is designed to aid your back, your spinal health, and offer a good night’s sleep. If you are looking to pick up a mattress for back problems, then you can’t go wrong with this innovative mattress for better spinal support.

Here’s how a spinal care mattress can help you to solve your neck and back pain issues in the morning!

1. Make sleep nights comfortable

When it comes to a good night’s sleep, comfort can go a long way in preventing back pain in the morning. A spinal care mattress offers a way for you to sleep comfortably without any worries, as it can maintain its natural curve throughout the night – which means better support for your body.

With a spinal care mattress, it can respond to your body contours for pressure relief and comfort, making a good night’s sleep possible!

2. Firm support for back pain

With its pocketed coil system, a spinal care mattress is able to provide critical back support for your spine health without being too firm or too soft. Many individuals who experience stiffness and back pain in the morning tend to associate their troubles with their mattress.

It is crucial to find the right mattress that can offer support for your back pain. Spinal care mattresses not only provide the firm support you need, but they are also comfortable and allow you to achieve better sleep every night!

3. Pain relieving

Spinal care mattresses feature high-density foam material, which is excellent for relieving pressure and pain throughout the night. If you often wake up with sore necks and back pains in the morning, a spinal care mattress could save you from that struggle.

One of the most important benefits of high-density foam is that they can allow for proper alignment of your shoulders, hips, and head, which are vital for better spine health. As the foam does not sag as quickly, they are able to offer excellent neck and back support for you.

Shop for Spinal Care Mattress for Better Posture Care

If you are looking to pick up your very own essential spinal care mattress, don’t miss our latest arrival at Four Star! Our Spinal Care and Spinal Optima mattresses provide an innovative solution to your back and neck problems while ensuring that you can receive the optimal firmness and comfort you need.

Plus, check out our online mattress sale and browse our selection of quality mattresses to upgrade your sleep. Shoppers can enjoy these exclusive benefits at Four Star’s online store:

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• 10 Year Warranty
• Price included with GST
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*For any inquiries, you can contact us via Facebook Messenger. This mattress is only applicable for Four Star online store.

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