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REM Sleep: Why It Is Important & How You Can Get More Of It

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Did you know that there are 4 different stages of sleep? REM, which is known as ‘rapid eye movement’, is the final sleep stage in which our eyes will move rapidly in various directions. It is also known for being the sleep stage in which we dream. Typically, REM sleep occurs after 90 minutes of sleeping.

If you are looking for ways to receive restorative sleep, REM sleep offers the most restorative functions as it is the sleep stage where the body and mind undergo the most renewal. The total amount of REM sleep that individuals get may reduce with age, as individuals under 30 can receive up to 2 hours of restorative sleep while older adults may only receive up to 30 minutes.

Having sufficient REM sleep can ensure we wake up feeling energised. Here’s what you need to know about the importance of REM sleep, and how you can get more of it!

1. Purpose of REM sleep

Generally, there are 2 main purposes of REM sleep. One purpose of REM sleep is to help us with memory consolidation. Studies have shown that when REM sleep is restricted, individuals are less likely to form new memories. This is because REM sleep offers the best neural environment to allow our brain to consolidate our memories.

The second purpose of REM sleep is to develop our central nervous system. REM sleep is especially vital for brain development in infants, which can explain why infants require much higher levels of REM sleep each night.

During REM sleep, here are a few things that can happen to your body:

• Rapid eye movement behind eyelids
• Breathing rate increase
• Increased blood pressure and heart rate
• Body temperature changes

2. What can happen with a lack of REM sleep

Individuals with a lack of REM sleep has been shown to have reduced coping skills. Research has indicated that individuals deprived of REM sleep are likely to show abnormalities in their defensive responses and coping mechanisms in threatening situations. Lack of REM has also been linked with migraines and excess weight in adolescents and children.

3. How you can get more REM sleep every night

The best way you can achieve more REM sleep every night is to develop a consistent sleep schedule. This is important as our internal body clock, known as the circadian rhythm, helps us to fall asleep easily while reaching restorative and REM-filled sleep.

Another way to get more REM sleep is to prepare a relaxing bedtime routine so that your mind and body understands that it is time to sleep. This can make it easier for you to reach the regular sleep stages, while also having more quality REM sleep time.


It is essential to understand why getting enough REM sleep can be beneficial for working adults. As we tackle this challenging period, having enough REM sleep can help us to stay productive and receive the rest that we need.

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