CHIRO+ is an extension and upgraded version of the Chiro Series that specially designed and provide orthopaedic posture support for specialized back care. Hexa-Coil Individual Pocketed Spring System and Natural Fibre, it helps to ensure the durability and firmness of the mattress for optimal spinal support.

CHIRO+ is the latest collection of the Chiro Series range that was initially launched in 2017, specially designed to provide orthopedic posture support which focuses on wellbeing, back care and support.

With Hexa-Coil Individual Pocketed Spring System and 3E Natural Fibre, CHIRO+ provides a stable construction, high durability and firmness of the mattress giving the optimal spinal support you need. Dupont™ Sorona®, is an eco-efficient performance fibre made from plant-based ingredients, thus reducing any negative impact on the environment. The sustainable fabric is an eco-conscious product created without compromising performance, yet an innovation built with the 3E in mind – Environmental, Equity & Economy, reducing carbon footprints by 63%.

  • Dupont™ Sorona®
  • Negative Ion Ticking
  • Organic Cotton
  • OEKO TEXT Standard 100
  • Anti-dust Mite Treatment
  • Hexa-coil
  • 3E Natural Fibre
  • Natural Latex
  • Memory Foam
  • 15 Years Warranty