Four Star Mattress International E-Warranty

All Four Star mattresses come with a 15-year limited warranty. The warranty does not cover defects caused by normal wear and tear or improper use of your quality Four Star mattress. In the unlikely event of a warranty service being required, Four Star will repair or replace without any charge to the original purchaser. Four Star reserves the right to substitute materials of equal or higher quality when necessary. Transportation charge will be responsible by the original purchaser.

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    What are the 3 main reasons you choose Four Star Mattress?
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    The quality and craftsmanship that are built into every FOUR STAR mattress allow FOUR STAR to offer a limited warranty against defects in workmanship and/or materials (other than fabric, handles or tufting rosettes, if featured on this product). This warranty extends only to the original purchaser.

    FIFTEEN (15) YEAR PRO-RATED WARRANTY If service resulting from any such defect is required during the non prorated year(s) after purchased, FOUR STAR shall repair without charge for labor and materials OR at Manufacturer’s option – replaced. If identical materials or models are not available at the time of service, we reserves the right to substitute materials or models of comparable quality. Purchaser shall be responsible for transportation costs.

    Proof of purchase with date, place of purchase and purchase price is required to obtain service under this warranty. Model name label and production label must be available to identify the bedding and validate this warranty. This Limited Warranty shall NOT apply to damages resulting from normal wear and tear and does not apply to and excludes but not limited to the following factors:

    • 1. Bending the mattress or leaving it standing on its side for extended periods especially when in storage;
    • 2. Mattress is saturated with liquid or bodily fluids (E.g. Blood, sweat, etc.), burned, soiled, stained or infested or damaged by bed bugs, dustmites and/or vermins;
    • 3. Any form of odour;
    • 4. Improper or lack of suitable bed frame or foundation (E.g. Bad construction, wear and tear, etc.);
    • 5. Misuse or abuse of the mattress and/or foundation (E.g. Jumping on the mattress, excessive sitting on the edge of the mattress, etc.);
    • 6. Body impressions or sagging of 1.5” (38mm) or less;
    • 7. Mattress size that is within the ±2cm tolerance level in width and length;
    • 8. Wear and tear of fabric, handles, bent Edge Guards;
    • 9. Products sold “as-is”, “display or floor model” or sold without warranty as agreed between customer and sales person;
    • 10. Bed height, sheet fit and/or comfort preference;
    • 11. Any form of back pain, stiffness or soreness;
    • 12. Failure to comply to manufacturer’s care & maintenance instructions.