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Dec 29, 2023

Thank you to all our happy customers for choosing our new DETENSE | ARCTICSILK®️ CU+ Mattress as their choice of mattress. It really means a lot to us.


Introducing the future of sleep with our all-new Detense ArcticSilk CU+ mattress! Say goodbye to static electricity, muscle tension, and hot, restless nights. 🛌✨


Participate in our new Detense Mattress Facebook photo contest and win a “SHOP FOR FREE” prize (2 winners).

🏆 The lucky winner picked by Four Star

🏆 The photo with the most shares

To enter:

  1. Purchased any Four Star New Launch Detense CU+ Mattress at any Four Star outlets/roadshow/ any external event (Expo etc). Not valid for dealer stores.
  2. We upload your most Instagram-worthy photo to Four Star Facebook.
  3. Follow our Facebook page, and don’t forget to share your photo.


1. Customers have to purchase a Detense ArcticSilk CU+ mattress in order to participate in this “Shop for Free” campaign.
2. The prize is exclusively eligible for the Detense ArcticSilk CU+ mattress purchased and cannot be applied to other mattresses or furniture.
3. The prize value is capped at $5000, which is equivalent to any Detense ArcticSilk CU+ mattress purchased.
4. The management reserves the right to change the terms and conditions without prior notice.

Contest ends 3 Feb 2024, 2359hr. T&Cs apply.

Winners will be announced on the Four Star website and Facebook page on 23 Feb, 2024.

Visit or check in-store for more details.


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