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How Having A Storage Bed Will Ease Your Regular WFH Routine

With work-from-home arrangements being regular for many because of the Covid-19 situation, you may feel a little overwhelmed and uncomfortable finding work-life balance while having to do your tasks in your bedroom.

Sometimes, it may even feel like you are moving your entire office desk to your home just so that you can continue doing your work as per usual. Some may have to bring back work materials like stacks of documents, piles of folders, or maybe even some bulky office supplies.

As you feel clutter starting to build up as you work from home more often, it may seem like you are slowly running out of innovative ways to keep your space in order. Not to fret, as this is where a storage bed will come in as a handy investment for your comfort and work needs. Let us tell you how.



A great way to organise your work pile

As you may have guessed, a storage bed makes for a great heavy-duty organiser! Besides storing your beddings and duvet covers, you can make use of the storage space for whatever you would like.

Keep away the items and resources you may not need for the workweek, like extra laptop accessories and your work bag. Utilise the ample space in your storage bed frame, especially if you find that these items may obstruct your way or take up too much table space for you to be able to work productively.

Whether it is a storage bed with drawers or side cabinets, having your bed frame double up as storage space is an ingenious way to maintain a tidy bedroom, even much so if the area is a small one.


Hides distractions away from your view

When work life and home life meet, it may be a little hard to separate the two as those two aspects start to overlap. Everyday things that cause distractions would be your smartphone, tablet and other little knick-knacks. Whatever can give you an excuse to not focus on your work becomes an inconvenience.

Curbing this problem is quite simple, but instead of just putting the distracting item aside, a more fool-proof method is to store it in a hard-to-reach place. Putting those things away in your storage bed is a better bet as it would take more effort for you to retrieve them.

Hiding away distractions would help to calm your mind and avoid procrastination so that you spend your time during work hours fruitfully producing good quality results. You would not want to have to clock overtime all because you got distracted, would you?


Helps to cultivate a better environment

Now that you have a neat bedroom workspace free of distractions, you would probably be feeling more relaxed and have a clearer sense of mind.

An inspiring work environment can do wonders for your well-being. The reason you may start to feel this positive drive is simple: a tidy bedroom instantly improves your mood. When you form a positive mindset, you can complete your tasks quicker than you would have expected.

Think of your storage bed not just as something to sleep on every night but also as a great tool in your room that helps to alleviate the stresses of a WFH routine. It can also help to liven up the aesthetic of your bedroom and spark creativity, which may even reflect well in your work and motivate you further.



An organiser, a hiding spot, a mood improver ‒ a storage bed can be whatever you need it to be. It is a worthwhile investment to buy a good quality storage bed in Singapore, as working from home becomes the default for many adults.

Choosing the right one out of Four Star’s many bed frame options can get you started on changing your WFH environment for the better.

Adjusting to new work arrangements may take a while, but it should not add unnecessary stress. Prioritise your wellness in life and work with Four Star, and you will eventually find the right balance you seek.


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