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How Does an Anti-static Mattress Benefit You and Your Sleep

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The mattress we sleep on deeply affects whether we will be able to achieve a good night’s rest. Thankfully, with technological innovations, there are even more ways for Singaporeans to combat the hot and humid weather at night and achieve much-needed sleep.

With the introduction of the Detense ArcticSilk™ collection, Four Star Mattress was the first to launch anti-static mattresses in Singapore, where you can finally achieve the sleep you deserve! If you’re wondering what makes this type of mattress worth investing in, here are a few reasons to help you in that decision.

The anti-static technology

To properly understand the benefits of anti-static mattresses, we would first need to understand how our body builds up static electricity. As we go about our day, our bodies are able to pick up and store negative charges. This is the same kind of tension that makes us feel anxious and even irritated. For the average human body, we are able to accumulate these negative electrons for as high as up to 30,000 volts.

This is where anti-static mattresses come in. Not only do they reduce static electricity in our body to as low as 4,000 volts, but we can wake up in the morning feeling less lethargic and more energised. Thanks to the revolutionary and innovative mattress fabric that incorporates the anti-static technology, the carbon thread is able to discharge the negative electricity and disperse it out into the air.

How does an anti-static mattress benefit you

With static electricity and tension drawn out to the air just by lying on an anti-static mattress, you can look forward to achieving a good night’s sleep to maintain your well-being. Other ways it can help you include:

• Less lethargy and better rested
• Ability to keep out dust
• Less fidgeting from tossing and turning in bed for deeper sleep
• Anti-static function is able to last throughout the mattress’ lifespan

Anti-static mattresses are also constructed with silk eco-fibres, which help you to stay cool and dry throughout the night, similar to cooling mattresses.

At Four Star Mattress, the Detense ArcticSilk™ series feature the best of both worlds with anti-static technology and cooling properties for a comfortable and relaxing sleep. Take the Olympus mattress, for example, which is fitted with double layers of memory foam to help you sleep cooler and increase your blood flow for a more restful night. You’ll gain much-needed comfort and reduce sweet while sleeping at night. This is extremely useful in Singapore’s humidity!

And just like other mattresses, you can pair your anti-static mattress with a storage bed frame to give you more space in your room. They come in standard sizes – from single to king size – to fit your choice of storage bed and store your belongings for a clutter-free bedroom.


With the availability of the anti-static mattress, Singaporeans now have a wider choice in ensuring that the mattress they choose can provide more than just a place to lie down and sleep. This is especially relevant if you’re facing several sleep issues. Do you suffer from lethargy in the morning? Do you continuously fidget around at night trying to sleep? If your answer is yes, then an anti-static mattress might be precisely what you need.


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