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Everything You Need To Know About Hydraulic Storage Beds

Everything You Need To Know About Hydraulic Storage Beds

Wouldn’t it be nice to have an abundance of space and not worry about your room building up clutter because you have a spot to keep everything neatly? Some may have the privilege of having a large bedroom, but for those who do not, there may still be a solution to your struggles.

If you sleep in a room with limited space and sometimes find it frustrating to manoeuvre past your furniture, you can consider getting a storage bed with a mattress to help create extra storage space. There are different bed frames with storage, but a popular choice is a hydraulic storage bed. Let us tell you more about it.

1. Safe hydraulic system

Hydraulic lift beds feature a storage system by lifting the base your mattress sits on to access the space below. With gas-lift pistons and compression springs in the mechanism, it safely and efficiently allows you to lift the base, holding the weight while using the storage space.

The bed frame’s mechanism prevents any unnecessary movement of the base as you lift it, making it safe for you to use as the base’s speed is well-controlled when raised. High-quality hydraulic beds have been rigorously tested to ensure that this lift system works well, allowing you to store your belongings safely and efficiently under your comfortable mattress.

2. Made to be durable

Having such a mechanism that helps do most of the heavy-lifting, it’s only logical that hydraulic storage beds are solid and sturdy. As the storage system can store bulky items like suitcases and heavy books, the bed frame can efficiently withstand the weight of those items and your body weight.

Material is essential when it comes to storage beds as you want to ensure they provide you with the most comfort while holding up well. Hydraulic storage beds are most commonly constructed with long-lasting materials like hardwood, so they don’t wear down quickly. The last thing you would want is for your bed frame to collapse.

The top of the storage bed frame’s base usually features anti-slip fabric to keep your mattress in place, even as you lift. It helps prevent minor wear and tear to the structure and mattress, making it a bed frame that can serve you well for decades.

3. Easy to maintain

You may think a hydraulic storage bed frame is harder to clean than a traditional one, but that might not be the case. As with conventional upholstered bed frames, you only need to wipe them down regularly with a damp cloth to keep the dust away. Even with the addition of the storage compartment underneath your mattress, you can easily clean it in the same fashion as well.

Maintaining your storage bed will never be more effortless. As the whole structure of a storage bed is made to be durable, you won’t have to worry often about any possible damage caused. There’s no need to get your toolbox out and do some fixing as these bed frames are low maintenance due to their excellent quality.

Easy to maintain


Hydraulic storage beds can bring you many space-saving benefits and great comfort too. Consider getting one if you feel you need the extra storage in your bedroom or if you need an easier way to store bulky or miscellaneous items besides hiding them in places like your wardrobe.

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