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Everything You Need To Know About Cooling Mattresses

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There has always been a consistency to the weather pattern in Singapore. We have come to expect a hot and humid climate, peppered with the occasional rainy days, whenever we go about our daily lives.

While this weather is great for outdoor activities and frolicking in the sun, there are reasons why some Singaporeans are hoping for cooler temperatures. The warm climate actually makes it harder for us to get a good night’s sleep. A combination of being drenched in sweat at night and the constant tossing and turning are guaranteed to disrupt anyone’s sleep.

Thankfully, with new cooling technologies implemented in our Four Star mattresses, you no longer have to put up with months of restless sleep. Whether it is breathable foam cores or moisture-wicking covers, there are various ways you can maintain a sweat-free sleeping experience. If you are unsure of what a cooling mattress is and how you can benefit from owning one, then you have come to the right place. Let us share everything you need to know about cooling mattresses and why you should consider getting one.

How does a cooling mattress work?

Cooling mattresses typically utilise different materials to take in heat and redirect them away from the body. The primary process revolves around absorbing the heat generated through thermoregulation and moving them away from your body to ensure you stay cool throughout your sleep.

Our DETENSE | ArcticSilk® Advanze Aire Flex™ mattress also employs similar technology to provide a cooling night of sleep. It works by lowering the overall temperature of the bed while maintaining better airflow using versatile breathing material. This cooling gel-infused memory foam mattress diverts the heat away from your body to ensure a comfortable and cooling sleeping surface. It also has the added benefit of Silk-feel eco fibres, which increases the mattress’s ability to stay cool faster and longer.

How does a cooling mattress help you sleep better?

The natural body temperature of an average human is around 37 degrees Celsius. When your warm bodies come into contact with a pillow or blanket, we are actually increasing the temperature of our bedding accessories via heat radiation.

The transfer of heat, referred to as thermoregulation, causes our bed to feel warm after a prolonged sleep. This natural phenomenon is designed to help us stay cool while preserving our natural body temperature. Since heat is naturally produced in our body, sleeping under the blanket will only increase our temperature as all that residual heat is trapped underneath with nowhere else to escape to.

When you feel warm, it is challenging for you to get comfortable, making it difficult to fall asleep. You are likely to find yourself regularly shifting your body’s position, which only causes further discomfort and disruption to your sleep. A cooling mattress can remedy this issue by redirecting the heat produced from your body away from the sleeping surface, thereby offering you a good night’s rest.


Now that you have a better understanding of how cooling mattresses work, you are more informed on how they can be a necessity to deal with Singapore’s warm and humid climate. A cooling mattress can make a world of difference to anyone that yearns for a night of uninterrupted sleep.

Don’t suffer those sleepless, hot and stuffy nights any longer. From cooling mattresses to king-sized beds with storage, we offer various mattresses and bedding accessories that suit your every need. You can also pair our cooling mattress with a customised storage bed frame, made with German Hydraulic lift system for easy access to your belongings. Browse our catalogue online or visit our Four Star stores to learn more!


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