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Best Night Sleep: Steps You Can Take Leading Up To It

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As we stay in at home during Singapore’s Circuit Breaker period, sleep has become extremely important. Many sleep experts have noted that the amount of sleep you get during the night is directly related to what you do during the day. As a result, certain simple steps have been recommended to boost your productivity during the day. This ensures that your sleep routine is not interfered with.

Here are the steps you can take leading up to your best night’s sleep.

Morning routine

Start your morning by making your bed. The act of doing so ensures that when you do eventually return to bed, sleep will be able to come to you easier. Moreover, you should form a habit of waking up at approximately the same time every morning, with weekends and holidays notwithstanding. Try to take your breakfast where the morning sun strikes you. You can do so in a room closest to the window or in the balcony area of your house. The morning sun rays can help to reset your circadian rhythm and make it easier for you to maintain a healthy sleeping pattern.

Afternoon habits

In the afternoon, it is best to avoid caffeinated drinks. The effects of caffeine can last up to four hours and can impact your sleeping habits negatively. Instead, you can look to perform early workouts. It is best to note that exercises taken within 3 hours of sleep can alter your sleeping patterns greatly. Besides, naps should be taken before 1 pm and should last no more than 30 minutes so as to not interfere with your sleep later in the night.

Evening rest

Around 10 minutes before you sleep, you should turn off every technological gadget in the house. You can also have a little snack before bedtime as hunger can cause people to wake up in the middle of the night. Using dim lights in your room rather than bright lights could confuse your brain that it is currently still daytime. Finally, for a fulfilling evening rest, you should stick to your bedtime hours as much as possible. While inconveniences may occur now and then, it is best not to vary your bedtime by more than an hour.

Priming bedroom for the best night’s sleep

The best way to prime your bedroom for the best night’s sleep is by getting a good mattress, and this depends on your own needs. Most people tend to use a hotel collection mattress in Singapore as a benchmark due to how luxurious and comfortable they are. Cooling mattresses like Four Star’s Detense ArcticSilk is perfect to combat those warm sleepless nights. If you need a mattress that is comfy, cool and can offer the best night’s sleep, a memory foam mattress provides it all. Made from a higher-density material, memory foam mattress wraps your body comfortably, while ensuring cooling with the open cell structure. Overall, this provides a firmness that’s supportive and pressure-relieving for your body, leading up to the best night’s sleep.


Several factors can contribute to inadequate sleep. However, engaging in certain daily activities can help you maintain a healthy sleeping routine. The best way to counteract your issues is to find mattresses to take care of any conditions you might have. For example, mattresses for lower back pain can help alleviate the pain while ensuring a good rest at night.


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