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Best Father’s Day Gift Ideas To Help Your Dad Sleep Better

When was the last time you remember your father getting a comfortable rest after a long day? Working in a fast-paced lifestyle with many demands to meet can be tricky sometimes, and all you want to do is try to help Dad break away from life’s stressors. Well, here is your chance to, as Father’s Day is right around the corner.

We all know how important sleep is; even getting one or two hours less sleep than usual may leave you feeling groggy and cranky in the morning. Most likely, your father may have even been the one to nag at you to go to bed early before. For all the times that he has cared for your well-being, perhaps you can take this opportunity to do the same and get a nice gift in return. Let us share three gift ideas to get you started.

1. Ambient bedside lamp

If your father has issues winding down for the night or has irregular sleep schedules, a bedside night lamp may be what he needs. It can help create a warm and cosy atmosphere in his room and get his mind to rest at better hours.

Though most feel sleeping in a pitch-black room at night is ideal, others may find it harder to sleep in a too dark room. The help of a dim night lamp can help you settle in for bed quickly with the subtle presence of light.

It is said that sleeping with coloured lights like red encourages melatonin production to make you feel sleepier. You can then consider looking for a lamp that allows you to change the colour and brightness for added personalisation. Whichever type of bedside lamp you decide to gift your dad, you can be sure that he will appreciate the lovely gift.

2. Memory foam pillow

Many love memory foam for its pressure-relieving properties by conforming to your body shape for the best comfort. Having a good quality pillow to rest your head on is also essential for sleep comfort, especially when you want to avoid inconvenient neck and back pains after waking up.

A memory foam pillow allows you to sleep in the most comfortable position with maximum support for your neck and spine. Well-supporting your back while you sleep is crucial as it can affect the quality of sleep. Random pains in your neck and other parts of your body may wake you up in the night, which can be quite an annoyance.

Besides this, the memory foam material is non-toxic and hypoallergenic, which helps prevent the growth of mould, dust mites and other germs. So if you find the pillow your father uses looking a little deflated or old, you can do him a favour by getting him a fresh, new pillow to sleep on.

3. Mattress for back care

Hearing Dad complain about what a lousy sleep he got last night or seeing him trying to massage his sore back to alleviate the pain? The mattress he currently uses may be the issue. Along with a new pillow, you may consider purchasing a brand new mattress for Father’s Day.

There are many different mattresses available for you to choose from, and you might be unsure of what to get. If the main issue is back pain, you should consider looking at mattresses made to help with that, like our chiro care mattress.

The Chiro+ series has features like natural fibre and Hexa-Coil Individual Pocketed Spring System for excellent durability and firmness. A mattress like this was made to give you fantastic posture support that makes your bed feel like your personal orthopaedist. A gift like this can be a big symbol of appreciation for your father and lift his mood.

Mattress for back care


Looking out for your father’s well-being can be your way of showing love and celebrating this holiday in comfort. Put a smile on his face during the Father’s Day weekend by helping him to relieve his stress. Everyone loves it when they feel like their loved ones are looking after them.

Just like how Dad has supported you throughout the years, Four Star is here to do the same by helping you sleep well. With the best mattress for back problems in Singapore, we are here to show that we care. Find out more about us and our line of products today.


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