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A Guide To Utilising The Space Underneath Your Storage Bed

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When designing your dream bedroom, picking out the right pieces of furniture that are personalised to your taste and style can make a world of difference in transforming the place to feel like home. After all, your bedroom is a haven of tranquillity – it is the one spot in your house where you rejuvenate and seek inspiration. However, beyond sprucing up your room with accented walls and custom furnishings, choosing the right bed is vital in ensuring you have a good night’s rest.

In a crowded city where space is limited and homes are getting smaller, choosing multi-functional furniture is essential in helping you to maximise the available space you have. For example, a storage bed is a necessity in every home. It is a groundbreaking invention that does wonders in keeping your room clutter-free while providing extra practical storage to keep your precious belongings. So if you have just purchased a new storage bed frame and are looking to optimise your storage space, let us share some ways you can properly utilise its inventory.

1. Store your luggage

Unfortunately for regular jet setters, the current pandemic and travel restrictions are preventing you from travelling abroad anytime soon. This means that you have at least one bulky travel carry-on bag or a suitcase that is claiming unnecessary room in your house. So instead of stashing it away in a corner filled with dust bunnies, why not tuck it underneath your storage bed?

At Four Star, we have a wide range of customised storage bed frames made with a German Hydraulic lift system that allows you to easily access and store your heavy luggage. In addition, the beds’ storage compartments are incredibly spacious, with plenty of depth for you to store larger-sized suitcases and bags. You can even cram more items into your luggage before stowing it away!

2. Fit in storage bins and boxes

With a vast amount of space underneath your bed, you can take advantage of the extra storage to store belongings that you want out of sight or hide unnecessary bits and bobs that you have no use for. Furthermore, purchasing under-bed storage boxes or bins to compartmentalise your necessities is ideal for keeping things tidy.

You can consider using see-through organisers to separate your valuables and sort them according to their respective categories. By doing so, you save the time and energy spent searching for a particular item. Besides, if you live together with your spouse, these dividers can help the both of you navigate between your individual belongings.

3. Stow old clothes

If you are guilty of having a bursting wardrobe, then your storage bed provides the perfect space for you to stow away old or out-of-season clothing. You can maximise your closet area by freeing up sufficient room for the clothes you constantly reach for. For example, you can store seasonal wear or clothes you have fallen out of favour with underneath your bed. This way, you have more capacity to store your essential daily wear up on racks and shelves.

Additionally, the size of your storage bed frame is indicative of the height and width of its inner inventory space. If you have more items to stash, then perhaps investing in a bigger-sized bed, such as a queen-sized bed with storage, is ideal. Moreover, if your partner is a serial fidgeter, having a larger bed ensures the both of you have sufficient room for a more comfortable sleep.


Storage beds are a bang for your buck and are durable purchases that can last you for many years to come. Not only are you investing in a premium bed frame, but it also doubles up as storage that can efficiently declutter your excess belongings.

A decluttered bedroom also leads to better sleep. This is because our brains interpret any visual stimulus as a task that needs to be completed. So while we can ignore any clutter when we are awake, our subconscious mind might not be able to do so during sleep, which might be why some people have trouble sleeping peacefully.

If you are looking to improve the quality of your sleep and declutter your room, you may find a storage bed to be a worthy investment. In addition, pairing your storage bed with a quality latex mattress is paramount in creating a comfortable sleeping environment.

At Four Star, our DETENSE | ArticSilk® Advanze Air Flex mattresses are designed with your comfort in mind. Our luxurious mattresses help you stay cool throughout the night by employing an all-new revolutionary Japanese technology that improves airflow and reduces the overall temperature of the bed, ensuring you wake up feeling refreshed. Furthermore, it contains natural latex that supports the curvature of your spine. With proper spinal support, your pressure distribution is improved, allowing for increased blood circulation and pain relief.

Our flagship Four Star store carries an extensive array of mattresses and a fine selection of storage bed frames that can help you achieve a good night’s sleep. If you are on the lookout for a quality bed frame, you may want to head over to our showroom to experience our luxurious products in person today!


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