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5 Practical Ways To Make Your Small Bedroom Look Bigger

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As a proud homeowner, you’d want your living spaces to reflect your personality and taste. That usually includes getting the right furniture in and using home accessories to decorate the space. But working with space constraints is a challenge – especially when it comes to the bedroom.

With too many items occupying the space and limited square footage to work with, it can make your bedroom feel smaller and cramped. While a house renovation may not necessarily be your first option, you can opt for a transformation with some innovative designs and ideas. Here are some tips to make your bedroom appear and feel more spacious.

1. Optimise your storage space

By utilising the full height of your bedroom, you can carve out more storage space for your belongings. Consider getting a floor-to-ceiling fitted shelf and wardrobe to store your personal items and clothes. You can display the less frequently used items on the top of the shelf and place a table lamp, a vase of flowers or books on one of the lower compartments for some added personal touch.

Another great way to maximise your storage space is getting a storage bed for your bedroom. At Four Star, we offer storage bed frames featuring a solid German Hydraulic lift system which allows you to easily lift the bed, revealing more storage capacity for your items. Available in various designs and materials, they are fully customisable to suit each individual’s preferences.

Our storage beds can also be paired with our premium DETENSE | ArcticSilk® Advanze Aire Flex™ mattress to offer you the best night’s sleep possible. This cooling memory foam mattress minimises muscle exertion during sleep with its high rebound function and multi-dimensional support. Thanks to its anti-static fabric, this helps reduce tension and promotes deeper sleep, so you will feel fully recharged the next day.

2. Install a ceiling fan

An electric fan may not take up much space, but you may find yourself with little room to manoeuvre along with other furniture in the bedroom. The fan can also get in your way when you are cleaning your room, and you are likely to find yourself shifting it multiple times. If you own a swivel chair, you may also find yourself colliding with your electric fan on occasions due to the limited space. Installing a ceiling fan eliminates these issues and opens up more room for other furniture.

3. Use a lighter colour palette

Do you feel like the walls of your bedroom are hemmed in? Colours can help to visually enlarge your space. Consider painting your room with a lighter colour palette, or cooler shades like soft blue and light gray. Ensure a uniform colour scheme, which will make the walls feel as though they are pulling away from each other, thus creating a more open feel.

4. Play with mirrors

This innovative idea is perfect for a small bedroom. The optical illusion caused by a mirror wall can double your floor space visually. It also enhances the look of your room, making it seem classy and elegant.

Apart from a full-length mirror, you can also choose mirrored closet doors, ornate mirror on the dresser or fancy-framed mirrors grouped on the wall – the combination will have light bouncing around the room to make it seem more open.

5. Let the light in

Make the most of natural light during daytime. Opt for roller blinds instead of curtains, so a portion of the sunlight can still filter in when you pull down the shades. Having sunlight in your bedroom makes it look bigger and gives a more airy feel.

If your bedroom is long and narrow, you can consider installing decorative lights along the walls. In the absence of sunlight, these lights are great substitutes to produce the illusion of a bigger space.


As today’s HDBs get smaller and more compact due to our island’s land constraint, a small bedroom is becoming a common sight. Fret not – you can still use our tips to visually enlarge your bedroom and ensure it feels more spacious and less cluttered.

On that note, it’s also good to optimise your sleep environment in the bedroom since it’s where you will be resting and relaxing on most nights. Quality mattresses can make a big difference in enhancing your sleep to beat fatigue and feel energised the next day. Head down to our Four Star stores and check out our king to single mattress sale, featuring different materials and designs to meet your needs!


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