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5 Practical Remedies To Resolve Your Snoring Problem

5 Practical Remedies To Resolve Your Snoring Problem

Have you ever been disturbed by a loud noise in the middle of the night? If so, then you must have realised how disruptive this is to your sleep, which can substantially interfere with your performance the next day.

Now imagine this scenario happening to your spouse. If you have a snoring problem, you might very well be disturbing your partner’s sleep. So should you receive complaints from your loved one regarding your loud snoring, then bedtime adjustments are needed to remediate the issue.

Not only does experimenting with tried-and-tried remedies to fix your snoring help the person beside you attain a solid night of sleep, but it also aids in rooting out the cause of your noisy breathing. For instance, are you aware that snoring generally goes hand in hand with obstructive sleep apnoea – a health condition that leads to repeated pauses in breathing while asleep?

Thus, we suggest adopting the following practical methods to prevent you from snoring throughout the night. These simple tweaks to your bedtime routine can enhance your quality of rest and well-being in addition to providing your spouse with a good night’s rest.

1. Practice good sleep hygiene

For starters, sleep hygiene refers to the habits you form before hitting the sack at night. Experts recommend that you adopt a good bedtime routine, as it helps support a good night of rest and minimises the risk of snoring. However, due to long working hours and a hectic lifestyle, most adults suffer from sleep deprivation – the common culprit behind their snoring issue.

According to a study, people with a consistent lack of sleep produce harsher, noisier breathing as their body struggles to catch up after periods of sleep deprivation. Their snoring is more severe due to changes in their sleep architecture while making up for inadequate sleep.

There is an explanation behind this phenomenon. As you fall into a deep slumber, the tissues in your throat relax enough that they block your airway and vibrate in sync with your breathing. The more narrowed the airway, the more forceful the airflow becomes, which leads to loud snoring.

2. Sleep on your side

Did you know that lying in the wrong sleeping position can induce snoring? If you usually sleep on your back, it makes you significantly more predisposed to snoring at night. You may even experience sleep apnoea in the long term, which is detrimental to your overall well-being.

Here is why lying on your back as you slumber is not recommended – the position leads to your tongue’s base and soft palate collapsing in your throat. When this happens, they compress your airway, which blocks airflow and causes you to create a disruptive vibrating sound associated with snoring.

Yet, a simple change in sleep position can do wonders in warding off snoring. As such, sleep experts advise resting on your side instead, as it has been discovered that it is the best sleep position for you to breathe and rest comfortably. This position helps to alleviate the pressure and compression on your airway as you snooze, thereby allowing airflow to circulate smoothly.

3. Lose weight

Beyond enhancing your sleep hygiene, making lifestyle changes, such as going on a diet, can also aid in resolving your snoring issues. Although snoring affects individuals on all weight spectrums, studies have shown that overweight people tend to have a higher chance of suffering from sleep apnoea and severe snoring at night.

The reason behind it is that those who are obese report health issues where their upper airway collapses during sleep, causing airway resistance. Thankfully, medical professions have suggested a sure-fire method to minimise this snoring problem – losing weight. Even a bit of weight loss can reduce the fatty tissue in the back of a person’s throat, which makes their breathing easier.

So if you notice your snoring problem might be coinciding with a recent gain in weight, you might want to consider exercising and going on a diet. Making an effort to eliminate the extra pounds can improve your breathing and general health. Over time, you will notice that you are better able to stay refreshed throughout the day and that attaining deeper rest each night is an easier feat.

4. Wear a nasal strip

You may have come across over-the-counter nasal strips claiming to be miracle snore stoppers, but did you know that using the right products can reduce mouth dryness, sleepiness, and other common symptoms that patients present during snoring?

With nasal strips, applying one across the bridge of your nose widens your nasal passage to promote optimal airflow. The plastic splints embedded in these plasters act like springs, which increases air circulation as you breathe. So, if you regularly face nasal blockage and sinus congestion, thus causing you to snore, then using a nasal strip can immediately remediate your breathing issues.

While nasal strips are not a permanent fix, they do help to alleviate temporary snoring issues. But if you are encountering a persistent breathing problem, it is best to visit a medical practitioner and get proper treatment instead.

5. Quit smoking

If you are a chronic smoker with snoring problems, we advise you to quit smoking immediately, for it is one of the reasons behind your snoring problem at night. Research shows that smokers are most likely to snore, as smoking cigarettes are associated with increased snoring.

This is because smoking irritates the membranes in your nose and throat, causing inflammation and swelling of the tissues. This can vastly narrow your airway, which spurs airflow to move more turbulently. Hence, causing snoring. So, if you want to make snoring a thing of the past, now will be the time to commit yourself to kick the habit of smoking.


There are many advantages to correcting your snoring issue, and it starts with these effective solutions. However, besides making these lifestyle and bedtime changes, investing in a good bed from a mattress shop in Singapore can further promote a good sleep environment and minimise your snoring issue.

A mattress that provides adequate support to your spine can help keep your throat and neck aligned, thereby helping curb your snoring problem. So if you notice your snoring issue remains persistent, you might want to consider upgrading your mattress.

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