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5 Furnishing Tips To Make Your New BTO Flat Appear Spacious

Storage Bed, Storage Bed With Mattress

With increased land constraints in Singapore, it’s not uncommon to see many new homeowners in small HDB flats. While you might think that the limited floor space leaves you with less home décor options, it actually allows you to take on a more creative approach when furnishing your abode. Let’s explore some of the ways you can transform your BTO flat into a practical and spacious home.

1. Think vertically

If you are running out of floor space, why not think vertically and see what you can do with all that real estate on the ceiling? A bladeless fan may look aesthetically pleasing, but the space it takes up can be redirected to other essential furniture. Consider installing a ceiling fan which can still regulate airflow and keep the room at a comfortable temperature, without taking up precious space.

Floating cabinets and floor-to-ceiling shelves are in trend for a good reason as they maximise your living space. You can also take a look at open shelving units as an alternative. The different layers in the shelf can act as a divider so you can neatly categorise your items, while its shallow compartments allow for easier storage of knick-knacks.

2. Utilise mirror for an optical illusion

A mirror is the perfect decorative piece to enhance a small room. Besides its purpose for checking your appearance, the optical illusion introduces depth and makes the room appear more spacious. When used creatively, a mirror is the ideal accessory to visually expand a crammed area and add a finishing touch to your room.

3. Choose see-through materials 

Transparent furniture is especially ideal if you’re going for an interior style that is light, playful and airy. You can use glass and acrylic furnishings for specific areas of your home, like the dining area or the bedroom. Due to the nature of the material, they allow light to pass through and cause the eye to perceive a less cluttered space. Plus, they also make great show-stopping pieces in your home décor!

4. Opt for versatile furniture

With limited living space, you need to take advantage of every square metre. Look out for furniture that can perform various functions so you can maximising your floor space. Their versatility can kill two birds with one stone and ensure you get value for money.

When it comes to multipurpose furniture, a storage bed is the ideal one for your bedroom. Without taking additional space, the extra storage capacity provides you with greater flexibility when you furnish your room. This especially comes in handy when you are running out of space for new furniture and have too many belongings to keep.

At Four Star, our storage beds include a solid German Hydraulic lift system that allows you to lift the bed with no fuss to store your personal items. You no longer have to exert yourself as the pistons do most of the heavy lifting! You can also opt for drawer compartments for more organised storage – we offer customisations to deliver the ideal storage bed frame for you.

5. Elevate your seating

When deciding on the armchairs and sofas for your living room, opt for those with raised legs. They allow light to pour in, which creates the illusion of a spacious living room. The raised legs also provide greater stability, as armchairs and sofas without legs have a greater tendency to move when in use.


A small flat doesn’t mean you have to live in a cramped and cluttered environment. With the right ideas and furniture, you can transform your new BTO flat into a cosy and spacious sanctuary you can proudly call home!

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