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5 Factors You Shouldn’t Miss When Decorating Your Bedroom

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Whether it’s your first BTO flat or you’ve recently moved houses, there are many decisions you will need to make when it comes to decorating your new home. As the room where you would spend the most amount of time sleeping and relaxing, it is crucial to pay attention to your bedroom décor.

Your bedroom is your private sanctuary to rest and relax in after a tiring day at work. It is perhaps not an understatement to say that the bedroom is the most important room in your house. As such, it is vital to create a calm and relaxing atmosphere that is conducive for sleeping so you can recharge for the next day.

When it comes to decorating your bedroom, here are some of the factors you should consider to create that ideal sleep environment.

1. Colours

The colour of your bedroom is perhaps the easiest factor to overlook. However, your choice of colour can completely change the look of your room as well as affect your moods and emotions. It is advisable to opt for a light or pale colour palette to paint your bedroom walls, which exudes warmth and serene vibes. Avoid darker colours unless your room has a lot of natural lighting, as it can invoke a more gloomy and inhospitable mood.

Researchers have discovered that the colour blue invokes feelings of calm in a person’s mind. A tranquil state of mind allows one to fall asleep more easily. So, if you want more soothing space, perhaps you can consider this colour for your bedroom walls.

2. Bed

 The bed is perhaps the most crucial factor to consider when decorating your room. As it comes in various shapes and designs, take note of your bedroom’s wall colour, lighting and theme. Ideally, you would want to purchase one that complements the overall look of the room.

Also equally important is your mattress – investing in one that has quality would make a difference between waking up fully rested and recharged or sore and tired. You should never neglect a good night’s rest, as sleep can impact our overall health and mood.

Take a look at our premium DETENSE | ArcticSilk® Advanze Aire Flex™ mattress, which offers a number of benefits for a comfortable sleeping experience. Made with all-new Japanese technology, this gel infused cooling memory foam mattress aims to discharge static electricity, reduce muscle tension, and improve airflow for better sleep at night. It is also made from natural latex, which provides good pressure distribution for your sleeping posture, and has a natural resistance to dust mites and mould.

3. Lighting

Choosing the proper lighting is paramount for your bedroom. You want to ensure your room is adequately illuminated when it gets dark outside. If you have a habit of reading on your bed, you may want to consider getting a table lamp to place at your bedside.

When installing the light bulbs for your ceiling and table lamps, choose one with a dim yellow light instead of purchasing a bright white LED bulb. Researches have shown that exposure to white light before bedtime can keep you alert, thereby deteriorating your sleep quality. By comparison, a dim yellow light causes you to feel more relaxed and sleepy.

If possible, place your bed on the opposite or adjacent to your bedroom windows instead of directly near the windows to avoid blocking the natural light from coming in.

4. Storage

As the main feature of the bedroom, your bed is likely to take up a large portion of the floor space. Having restricted floor space means you have to consider the amount of storage space you require. Without careful planning, you may risk your bedroom feeling too cluttered with little room to navigate.

It is essential to measure the length and width of the available floor space before making your purchase. You do not want a situation where your storage furniture like closets and drawers are unable to fit into your bedroom.

If space is an issue, consider getting a storage bed that affords you more storage options without taking up more space in your bedroom. At Four Star, we have a variety of storage beds for you to choose from, made with solid German Hydraulic lift system that reveals more storage capacity under the bed to store your bulky belongings. We also offer customisable storage bed frames in various materials and designs to suit your individual preferences.

5. Accent pieces

 Now that you have carefully considered the above four factors, you can add the finishing touches to your bedroom. If you are feeling bold, why not go with a specific theme to accentuate your room?

You may want to consider hanging art pieces or posters to spice up the place and make it chic or place candles and dried flowers to enhance the atmosphere. Whether it’s a unique piece that makes a statement or something sentimental that has a special place in the bedroom, you have the freedom and creativity to express yourself in your choice of decorations.


When it comes to decorating your bedroom, what matters the most is your personal preference. At the same time, consider the factors mentioned above to ensure a comfortable and relaxing space for resting and getting a good night’s sleep.

If you’re shopping for your bedroom, head down to our Four Star stores and browse our range of mattresses and other bedding products. You can also explore our mattress sale online and find the perfect mattress that fits your cosy bedroom and supports a better sleeping experience!


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