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5 Easy Remedies To Combat Insomnia And Sleepless Nights

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Despite the varying reasons for insomnia, from medical disorders to anxiety, many of us experience difficulty sleeping at some point. Generally, this sleep disorder is common amongst many, making it difficult to fall asleep until it’s time to wake up. Some people might turn to prescription or over-the-counter sleep aids to address this issue, but others wish to seek other alternatives than resorting to medication.

There are several ways you can tackle your problem of sleepless nights. Here are 5 simple remedies you should try.

1. Exercise Regularly

Not only will exercising enhance your mood, but it also gives you more energy, helps with weight loss and most importantly, promotes better sleep. Researchers found that people who exercise for at least 150 minutes a week displayed fewer symptoms of insomnia, anxiety and depression.

Engage in moderate exercise for at least 20 minutes daily and add in strength training or vigorous aerobic exercises a few times a week. Experiment and find out which time of the day you should exercise for the most significant positive impact on your sleep.

2. Mindfulness Meditation

This consists of slow and deep breathing as you sit quietly and observe your breath, thoughts, body and feelings. Apart from promoting good sleep, mindfulness meditation reduces stress levels, boosts your immunity and concentration. You can choose to meditate in the morning or night, with a recommended 15-minute duration. If you wish to learn more techniques, consider attending meditation classes to improve your insomnia and overall sleep patterns.

3. Lavender Oil

Lavender is used to promote better sleep, reduce pain, and improve mood. You can choose to consume it orally, such as lavender oil capsules or lavender tea, which can help to lower your stress levels and anxiety, making it easier for a well-rested sleep. Alternatively, you can use lavender essential oil in a diffuser or spray it on your pillow. Inhale the scent, relax your mind and slowly drift off to sleep.

4. Reduce Your Caffeine Intake

Caffeine can have a disruptive effect on your sleep, delaying the timing of your body clock. This effect reduces the amount of deep sleep you can enjoy. Researchers found that consuming caffeine six hours before your bedtime reduces your total sleep time by an hour, and this effect might take a greater toll on older adults.

Furthermore, withdrawal symptoms, such as sleepiness and low energy levels, can occur when you suddenly stop consuming them after doing so regularly for a prolonged period. So, gradually reduce your caffeine intake over a 6-week period with minimal side effects.

 5. Get A New Mattress

 Oftentimes, people struggle to sleep because of their mattresses. Your mattress might be hurting your back and affecting your body posture, which eventually leads to insufficient quality sleep. Feeling fatigued in the morning, constantly tossing and turning throughout the night, and waking up with aches are all common signs of poor sleep.

If you find yourself sleeping better on hotel mattresses than the one at home, then it’s time to look into getting a new bed. A study found that people can improve sleep and reduce pain and stress simply by replacing their old mattresses. Take a look at our specially designed Chiro series at Four Star Mattress, consisting of Chiro Care and Chiro Optima mattresses. Designed to provide you with the right firmness, support and material, they make the ideal mattresses for back problems to help you get a good night’s sleep.


Mild cases of insomnia usually last for a few days or weeks, but in more severe cases, it might last for more than three weeks. If you have persisting symptoms for more than a few weeks, seek help from a doctor. You can also keep a sleep journal to help identify any factors which contribute to your insomnia. Keep track of your nighttime routine and foods you took for that day as this will be beneficial in the long run.

Here at Four Star, we aim to provide you with quality mattresses that will help you tackle poor sleep and achieve better rest. With a wide array of mattresses to meet different needs, you will soon be able to sleep comfortably and soundly in a flash.



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