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4 Ways To Prepare Your Home For Chinese New Year Festivities

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With Chinese New Year coming up soon, you may be scrambling to buy eye-catching decorations and delicious snacks to prepare your home for the celebrations ahead. Although celebrations this year will be a little quieter than what we’re used to, you can still have a great time celebrating at home with your loved ones.

From cooking up a reunion dinner feast to spring cleaning and decorating around the house, there are many customs in place to prepare for this festive season. Perk up your Chinese New Year preparations with these 4 simple tips!

1. Add some modern décor

The living room is easily the most important space in every home. Like its name implies, it’s a place where your loved ones gather to unwind while bonding over conversations and laughter. It’s also the first room your guests will see when they visit you during the Chinese New Year festivities.

Try something new this year by swapping out traditional decorations for a range of modern décor instead. It could be as simple as adding cushions, a tray table, or bright curtains to light up the room. You can also add statement pieces such as a decorative vase to add a burst of colour into your space as well. These items can easily be paired with your existing furniture, so it’s a budget-friendly way to inject some style into your living room.

And the best part of it all – you won’t have to go through the hassle of taking them down after the celebrations end, as these contemporary pieces are versatile enough to be displayed all year round!

 2. Spring clean the negativity away

One essential custom during Chinese New Year is spring cleaning. This is thought to remove negative energy from your home and welcome good fortune into your life. Dispose of unwanted items and organise your belongings into dedicated places in your home with effective storage solutions. Make use of shelves and cabinets that are both functional and beautiful. Use them to keep items that you don’t use daily while ensuring that they serve as an attractive display.

A storage bed is also a great solution to keep your bedroom neat and tidy. Especially if you have space constraints, storing your items underneath your bed is a practical storage method that maximises the space in your bedroom.

At Four Star, you can choose from our range of storage beds in Singapore that come with powerful hydraulic lifting mechanisms to help you store with ease. Enjoy customisable fabric options and storage compartments to match with your choice of mattress. We also offer storage bed frames and headboards in a variety of designs, so you can pick one that fits your bedroom aesthetic to elevate your storage system with style.

 3. Get everyone involved

Chinese New Year is a time to reconnect with your family and loved ones. But you don’t have to wait until the actual celebrations to start doing so. You can create an auspicious atmosphere in your home right from when the preparations begin. Make this Chinese New Year memorable for everyone by getting the whole family involved – even the little ones!

Come up with fun activities that will give you an opportunity to bond with your loved ones. Whether it’s decorating around the house, hanging up lanterns, or folding origami, let these little activities set the festive spirit in your home as you welcome good fortune.

 4. Prepare gifts for your loved ones

The new year celebrations are also a time of giving. While we often think of red packets during Chinese New Year, gift hampers have also become a staple over the years. Often filled with a variety of fruit, food, and even health tonics, these hampers are given to help you convey well-wishes of health, success, and happiness.


Celebrate the Year of the Ox with a clean, well-decorated home! With these preparation tips, you can look forward to having a memorable Chinese New Year with your loved ones.

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