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4 Ways to Help Dad Get Great Sleep This Father’s Day Weekend

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Our fathers are always putting in their utmost effort to provide us with the best lifestyle possible. So naturally, they would come home exhausted after putting in a hard day’s work. Unfortunately, all these mounting responsibilities can lead to our dads accumulating plenty of sleep debt.

So why not give Dad the best Father’s Day gift by taking his mind off work and helping him to focus on resting well. After a week of poor sleep, a good rest this weekend may be the perfect pick-me-up to help him get things back on track. So let us share four ways you can help your father get a good night’s sleep this Father’s Day weekend.

1. Reserve high-energy activities for the morning.

Before bedtime, our body temperatures naturally start to dip as we prepare for sleep. A lowered body temperature is our body’s way of indicating that it is time for rest. It also reminds our brains to produce and release melatonin, which regulates our circadian rhythms and calms our bodies for restful sleep.

If you are still up and about before bedtime, your body does not have sufficient time to cool down – making it challenging for you to fall asleep quickly. Men may be impacted by this more than women, as researches have shown that men usually have higher body temperatures due to their higher metabolisms. Therefore, they need more time to adjust their bodies and get ready for bed.

Hence, help Dad get more time to cool down and rest before sleep by planning ahead! Consider scheduling more high-energy activities in the morning. For example, if you are going for a hike or engaging in sports and games as a family, consider basking in the sunlight before brunch instead. This way, Dad will have sufficient time to cool down and relax before his usual bedtime.

2. Reduce his caffeine intake.

Dad may love his coffee, but his multiple cups may be the reason why he isn’t sleeping well. Caffeine prevents our brain from processing adenosine – a chemical that builds up as we stay awake. It regulates sleep alongside other hormones like melatonin, but it cannot perform its job if we consume excessive caffeine.

Caffeine also interferes with our body’s circadian rhythm by preventing the onset of sleepiness and delaying our natural desire to fall asleep. More importantly, caffeine disrupts Phase 3 sleep, which is the sleep cycle responsible for memory consolidation. Hence, caffeine may lead to increased fatigue and poor memory.

Help Dad transition to a healthier drink that still maintains his favourite refreshment’s rich, robust taste. For example, instead of his usual morning coffee, get him a decaffeinated brew to accompany his special Father Day’s breakfast. You can also reduce his intake of other caffeinated foods, such as energy drinks and chocolate.

3. Clean and declutter his space for good ventilation.

Have you noticed Dad snoring more often recently? The snoring could be a sign of stress or a stuffy nose due to blocked airways. Snoring disrupts sleep, and it has been linked to daytime fatigue and irritability. It can also lead to a sore throat after you wake up as snorers breathe from their mouths instead of their noses.

You can address this issue by reducing the clutter causing Dad’s stress or dust allergies. Clutter does not provide a conducive environment for sleep. Instead, it is a reminder for the brain to complete any work left undone when the day is over. Subconsciously, the brain will interpret clutter as a sign to stay awake and finish up any remaining tasks.

If there is insufficient space to stash the items away, you can consider getting Dad a queen bed with storage to reduce clutter. At Four Star, our storage beds are equipped with a German Hydraulic lift system. So let the pistons do the heavy lifting for you as you neatly tuck away your bulky items in the storage bed. With plenty of space under your mattress, you can easily organise the family’s belongings to ensure a clutter-free bedroom for Dad and Mum!

4. Lower the bedroom temperature.

Due to their higher body temperatures, men may experience night sweats frequently. You can make Dad’s bedroom a more conducive space for sleep by lowering the temperature and ensuring greater ventilation. However, utilising the air conditioner every day can lead to a higher electric bill.

You can consider investing in a cooling mattress for Dad as an alternative. Our DETENSE ArcticSilk® Advanze Aire Flex™ mattresses improve airflow and circulation with the help of an all-new revolutionary Japanese technology. The cooling gel-infused memory foam mattress also prevents heat build-up and discomfort by redirecting the heat away from the body, ensuring a cooler and more comfortable sleeping surface.


This Father’s Day, show Dad your appreciation by helping him achieve more restful sleep! With the help of our four practical tips, you will be able to help him get his sleep schedule back on track and improve his overall lifestyle in no time flat.

If you are still searching for the perfect Father’s Day gift, browse our online catalogue or head over to our Four Star stores today! From pocketed spring mattresses to queen-sized bed with storage, we offer an extensive selection of mattresses and bedding accessories to suit your father’s every need.


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