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4 Useful Things You Can Do Before You Head To Sleep

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As we are staying indoors and getting used to our work-from-home routine, being productive can be difficult without enough rest. However, there are things that you can do before bedtime that can benefit your sleep greatly. If you’re ready to make your next day much more productive than the day before, then here are 4 useful things you can do before you go to sleep!

1. Avoid all drinks and food at least two hours

While there are generally some food and drinks you can consume before bed, you should look to cut them out as much as possible before bedtime. Alcohol, for example, is one that can cause difficulties for you to be productive for the following day, especially when you may be experiencing a hangover. The main reason you want to avoid certain beverages like soft drinks or salty foods at night is due to the calories and fat consumption that remain in your body when you sleep. Keeping your intake of food and drinks to zero, apart from water, also ensures that you won’t face any upset tummy symptoms while you are trying sleep during the night.

2. Read for ten minutes

Instead of scrolling through social media or watching your favourite show before you sleep, picking up a book and spending around ten minutes of reading can provide a sense of relaxation on your mind. Reading can ensure that you feel centred and calm, and on many occasions, feel much more tired, which can slowly ease you into a deep sleep. Avoid turning to an e-book as looking at the screen may inadvertently cause you to stay up longer.

3. Listen to ambient music

Music, in general, is one of the most potent ways to soothe your mind and body just before you hit the sack. What makes ambient music special is how different sounds can appeal to different people. For example, some people may be more inclined to nature sounds or rainfall as it provides a calming effect and offers a great sense of serenity that makes drifting off to sleep easier. This also works with film scores or television soundtracks, as long as listening to them can offer a comforting state of mind for a relaxing sleep.

4. Set your sleep environment with the right mattress

As we get ourselves into a work-from-home routine, setting our sleep environment right can make all the difference. This is especially true for when we separate our “work area” and “bedroom”. Creating clear divisions between the two can help you maintain the boundaries of each aspect of your life. This can help you reduce work-related stress and improve mental health so it won’t keep you up feeling restless at night.

At the same time, setting the right sleep environment includes keeping any clutter from out of sight. Invest in a storage bed for your bedroom, so you can make use of the hidden storage compartment to keep your private sanctuary neat and tidy without taking up too much space.

Another significant factor of gaining proper sleep is your choice of mattress. If you constantly feel hot and sweaty from sleepless nights, Four Star Mattress’ Detense ArcticSilk series offers a memory foam mattress with gel-infused memory foam to turn uncomfortable nights into a deep, cooling sleep. They are ideal for dealing with warm nights and help you wake up feeling refreshed the next morning.


These 4 useful things are just a few examples of what you can do before sleep. While they are important to ease you towards a comfortable and good night’s rest, the basics of deep and comfortable sleep are built upon the mattress that you have.

For those who suffer from physical ailments or aches, Four Star’s Chiro series is the best mattress for lower back pain. It offers individual pocketed spring support which alleviates pain throughout the night, conforms to the natural shape of your body, and relieve pressure points to care for your physical health.


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