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4 Tips To Wake Up Early And Quit Hitting The Snooze Button

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One of the biggest challenges that many sleepers face when waking up in the morning is beating the snooze addiction. Not only does kicking the snooze button habit ensure that you get more hours during the day, but you will be able to give your body more time to wake up. While it can be difficult to wake up early every morning, there are many ways you can wake up early and conquer the snooze button.

Here are a few excellent tips you can incorporate into your daily life and beat the snooze addiction!

1. The sound of your alarm

The sound of your morning alarm can set the tone of how your day is going to be. While annoying ‘beeps’ and vibrations can be effective in jolting you out of your bed, they might not be effective in improving alertness. If you are having trouble waking up with your current alarm, then you could opt for melodic alarms.

Research has shown that more people who have used melodic alarms tend to feel much more alert during the morning, while ‘beeps’ and harsher sounds can lead to grogginess and feeling less awake.

2. Set a bedtime alarm

Finding the right time to sleep is just as important as waking up early, and the best way to get started is the night before! Most working adults seek at least 8 hours of sleep every night, and by ensuring that you can hit your target, you’ll be able to beat the snooze button much easier. If you’re having trouble getting that 8 hours of sleep, a bedtime alarm can help you get to bed earlier! This alarm can remind you of your sleep target, allowing you to rest and wake up early too.

3. Do something that you love first thing in the morning

One of the best ways to beat the snooze addiction comes in the form of excitement. For instance, think of the first thing that you would love to do when you wake up. It can be a hobby, such as watering the plants, or perhaps a commitment, such as writing a book. These are all great ways to build your own motivation for waking up early and start the day right by doing something that you love to do.

So, what is it that you love doing? Schedule it to be done in the morning so that you can wake up early and start your day with it!

4. Be committed

The final tip is to commit to the act of waking up, rather than returning to the snooze button every morning. Dedicating yourself to waking up early can be a great way to beat your snooze addiction. If possible, you could also do this with a friend, so both of you can motivate and remind each other to wake up early through texts or calls in the morning. You could even throw in a penalty if one person fails to wake up on time!

By being accountable with your sleep, you can conquer hitting the snooze button addiction.


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