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4 Tips To Stay Cool At Night While Sleeping

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For most people, Singapore’s hot and humid weather is far from conducive for sleeping. Getting some shut-eye may be incredibly difficult when you are drenched in sweat and rolling around feeling sticky. After all, a comfortable environment is vital for quality sleep.

While the air conditioner may be an excellent solution to this problem, using it every night will add to your electricity bill significantly. However, you can still use other methods to cool down both your body and room temperature before bedtime. Read on to find out more!

1. Wear the right clothes before going to bed.

Your clothes play a crucial role in ensuring the quality of your sleep. Think about the material and fit of your current sleepwear; are they too tight, too thick, or just uncomfortable in general? Your clothes can affect your body temperature and overall comfort, so be sure to dress in loose attire made of comfortable material.

You may notice that most sleepwear come in cotton. Cotton has many benefits that will help lower your body temperature during sleep. For example, it is a highly breathable material that allows air to circulate your body as you sleep. Cotton is also a lightweight, absorbent material. If you find yourself sweating during sleep, cotton will help soak up moisture instead of repelling it.

Loose clothing will also help you cool down before bed. A tight-fitting attire increases pressure on your skin as you sleep, making you feel restricted and uncomfortable. Tight clothes have also been shown to prevent melatonin production, which is essential for lowering your body temperature before sleep.

2. Improve air circulation by strategically opening your windows.

Don’t forget that the heat in your room accumulated during the day will affect its temperature at night. To avoid coming home to a warm bedroom, be sure to keep your room cool during the day.

Do keep your windows shut during the day to avoid letting the heat enter your bedroom. While it is important to ventilate your room by allowing air to circulate, heat always travels from warm areas to cooler places. If your room temperature is lower than the blistering heat outside, opening your windows will only warm up your room.

Instead, open your windows at night. Once the sun sets, temperatures are more likely to dip. Thus, the heat in your room is more likely to escape during nighttime. When bedtime rolls around, you will have a cooler room without the sweltering heat on your neck, allowing you to sleep better.

3. Try some cooling fan tricks.

An air conditioner uses the same amount of electricity as nine fans. Therefore, a fan is clearly the wiser choice to protect both the environment and your wallet. While you may think a fan isn’t enough to combat the heat, there are actually many hacks you can try to improve its mileage.

Fans circulate the air around their immediate surroundings, but they do not decrease the room’s temperature. Instead, they only direct hot air away from the people in the room. If you wish to reduce the temperature of your room, try placing a large dish of ice and cold water between you and your fan. As the circulated air passes through this ice bowl, the fan will blow cold, misty air directly towards you.

4. Purchase a comfortable cooling mattress.

Of course, it is important to choose the right mattress to sleep on. Most mattresses retain body heat as you sleep, so you may wake up feeling warm and uncomfortable. Your body temperature is usually at its lowest as you enter REM sleep, so your body becomes especially sensitive to the temperature of your environment. Thus, an uncomfortably warm room or mattress may disrupt your sleep.

However, fret not, as you can easily resolve this issue with a cooling mattress. Cooling mattresses come in many varieties; they either increase breathability or contain built-in cooling features. These features include special materials that reduce the overall temperature of your mattress.

If you are a hot sleeper and wish to ensure a cool, comfortable night of sleep, then you should consider purchasing a cooling mattress with both of these properties. At Four Star, our DETENSE ArcticSilk® Advanze Aire Flex™ mattresses utilise an all-new, revolutionary Japanese technology that increases mattress breathability by improving airflow. The natural latex found in the mattress also distributes pressure evenly throughout your body, increasing blood circulation while keeping your body cool.

If you are sleeping with your spouse, motion transfer may disrupt your sleep, and your mattress may accumulate extra body heat. Thankfully, this cooling gel-infused memory foam mattress simultaneously reduces motion transfer while providing you and your partner a comfortable and cooling sleeping surface. You can also maximise the benefits of our mattresses by pairing them with a storage bed frame. Our storage beds feature a German Hydraulic lift system that allows you to easily lift your bed to access and store any items to keep your bedroom clutter-free.


Temperature plays a critical role in the quality of your sleep. Minor disturbances in sleep often add up, so take special care to improve your sleep routines! These simple tips can help you achieve a good night’s rest and eventually improve your health.

If you are interested in purchasing a cooling mattress, you can browse our online catalogue or head down to our Four Star stores to experience our products first-hand! From latex mattresses to queen-sized beds with storage, we offer an extensive selection of products to suit your every need.


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