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4 Signs That Indicate Your Mattress Is Causing Back Pain

4 Signs That Indicate Your Mattress Is Causing Back Pain

Getting a good night’s rest is a rejuvenating experience. With the physical and mental benefits quality sleep delivers, boasting eight hours of shut-eye is an excellent sleeping habit to strive for each day. However, if you have been slumbering on the wrong bed, chances are you regularly wake up each morning experiencing sore muscles. This dreaded back pain can stunt your overall mobility and mood throughout the day, causing a decline in your work performance.

While medical conditions and old age are the primary causes behind backaches, do not discount the possibility that the mattress you are sleeping on is the reason behind your discomfort, especially if you have been seeking different approaches to alleviate back pain but to no avail. Perhaps you should consider taking a closer look at your sleeping environment.

After all, continuously resting on an ill-fitting mattress can result in your spine losing its natural alignment, which strains your muscles and leads to back pain. But how do you know if your mattress is the main culprit behind your discomfort? Let us share four warning signs to take note of that may indicate you require a new bed!

1. You experience acute back pain in the morning

Encountering a stiff back upon waking up is actually a common occurrence. This is because prolonged rest periods, such as sleep, causes decreased blood flow in your body. Therefore, you may experience tight muscles in your joints immediately after waking up. Thankfully, this is nothing to be worried about, as it only takes a few minutes of stretching and moving about to get the blood pumping throughout your system, relieving any uncomfortable symptoms that occur in the morning.

However, if you consistently wake up each day with acute back pain that does not go away even after stretching, it is an indicator that your mattress is causing you discomfort, especially if your bed is getting on in years. This is because an old bed that has sagged over time can put strain and pressure on your back muscles, for it cannot provide your body with the proper spinal support it requires.

2. Your mattress is at least eight years old

While you may be feeling sentimental towards the first mattress that you bought at a mattress shop in Singapore, did you know snoozing on an ageing bed can do your health more harm than good? For the uninitiated, sleeping experts highly recommend changing a mattress every eight years. The main reason is that the bed will have worn out by then, losing its original form and support.

As with any product, a mattress undergoes wear and tear. Its coils, foam, and firmness will gradually deteriorate over time, making the bed less comfortable. Thus, consumers can expect poor sleep quality and sore joints, which are common consequences of using an old mattress. This is because the mattress can no longer cushion your body and relieve pressure points but instead causes significant strain on your muscles.

Switching out your tattered bed for a mattress crafted from premium materials can not only prolong its lifespan but also ensure that you attain quality sleep each day. So, to ward off back discomfort, investing in a quality back-care mattress is a must.

3. You are constantly tossing and turning in bed

If you find yourself waking up frequently throughout the night or actively tossing and turning in bed, it is clear your mattress needs an upgrade. The constant shifting of your body position could be an indication of your inability to find a comfortable sleeping position, which is one of the key causes of back pain. Your mattress failing to provide adequate body support may be the main reason behind your uncomfortable sleeping positions.

So long as your mattress is not promoting optimal spinal alignment or providing your body with the proper degree of firmness it requires to stay relaxed, dozing off can be an impossible feat. Without adequate support, pressure will build up in your back as you sleep, causing pain in your joints that startle you awake at night. Hence, do not underestimate the importance of investing in a firm bed that cushions your body well, for it plays a pivotal role in enabling uninterrupted rest.

4. Your mattress is saggy and uneven

Sagging is the result of wear and tear to your bed. The foam used in mattresses will soften over time from the constant exposure of pressure from your body weight. As such, the gradual softening of the foam leads to sagging and uneven support, which is detrimental to your spine health.

Studies have shown that sagging beds contribute to back pain, for they throw your spine out of proper alignment. Given the poor sleeping posture, your muscles are strained, causing you to wake up with acute back pain and soreness each morning. Thus, if you notice springs poking through the foam or lumpy spots in your bed, it is time to look for a new mattress.

Consider your sleeping posture

At Four Star, we understand how back pain can often get in the way of attaining a peaceful slumber. As such, our Chiro+ mattresses are specially designed to provide orthopaedic posture support, which focuses on support, back-care, and the user’s well-being.

Featuring a Hexa-Coil Individual Pocketed Spring System and 3E natural fibre (Environment, Equity, and Economy), our back-care mattresses provide users with the optimal spinal support they require to achieve a good night’s rest. Furthermore, these mattresses feature natural latex that offers enhanced cushioning and support, allowing for natural spine alignment while you sleep.

Those who are environmentally conscious need not be concerned, as our Chiro+ mattresses are made from Dupont™ Sorona®, which is an eco-efficient performance fibre made from plant-based ingredients, thus reducing the harmful impact on the environment. All of this is achieved without compromising on the performance of our eco-mattresses, which will provide users with fatigue relief, thereby allowing you to achieve the peaceful slumber you deserve


If you are keen on elevating your sleep experience, then choosing a quality bed that can last you for years is crucial in improving your sleeping habits. Plus, with the various benefits that a premium back-care mattress can provide, such as boasting adequate body support and staving off back pains, you can rest assured that you will attain restorative sleep each night.

At Four Star, we offer a luxurious array of quality mattresses that wonderfully targets common sleep issues and nurtures your overall well-being. Beyond the health benefits they provide, our beds can also be paired with customisable storage bed frames made with a German Hydraulic lift system for you to declutter your bedroom with ease, thereby providing a more conducive environment for sleep. So if you have an eye on one of our cosy mattresses, do head on over to our Four Star showrooms to experience our products first-hand!


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