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4 Reasons Why A Mattress Makes The Perfect Gift For Anyone

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Whether it is for a Christmas present, a birthday gift or even a treat for yourself, mattresses make one of the best gifts for anyone. As humans spend about one-third of our entire lives sleeping, mattresses serve as personal and practical gifts everyone will enjoy and appreciate for years to come. It may not be comparable to chocolates or as exciting as concert tickets, but find out why mattresses should also be considered as a thoughtful gift to show your love and care for the recipient.

1. A New Mattress Relieves Stress

Stress is something everyone experiences a lot – and a sagging, old mattress can keep one up all at night, tossing and turning in frustration. A new mattress has the potential to offer you the support and boost you need in the morning to feel well-rested and motivated.

Apart from relieving stress, it has also been found that quality sleep lowers the symptoms of sleepiness, allowing you to start the day right and perform your best. Under Four Star’s Detense ArticSilk series, our Agartha and Atlantis mattresses provide you with the ideal sleep surface while utilising cooling technology for you to sleep at a much comfortable temperature at night. Designed with gel-infused memory foam, these cooling mattresses also support better posture and help to increase your blood flow which, in turn, reduces your stress levels. Anyone who receives such a mattress will be able to appreciate a practical and beneficial gift.

2. The Right Mattress Provides Comfort And Alleviates Pain

The ideal mattress does more than simply offer rest and comfort. It also alleviates pain in places like joints, hips, back and neck. With better firmness and support to target pain areas, the right mattress allows you to have a better sleep posture so you will not ever have to wake up to those dreaded aches and soreness.

At Four Star, our Chiro series will do just the trick. The ideal mattresses for back problems, you will have ample support to combat pain areas with our Chiro Care and Chiro Optima. When you are able to alleviate the pain that keeps you up at night, you get to rest comfortably with uninterrupted sleep. With a high-density foam encasement, these mattresses also aid in the increment of your blood flow – making it the perfect gift to showcase your care for someone’s health.

3. A High-Quality Mattress Helps With Allergies

A person loses about 30,000 to 40,000 skin cells per hour on average, which means there are plenty of dead skin cells found on a mattress. A mattress can also be a haven for dust mites, which can cause allergies and lead to watery eyes, runny noses, excessive sneezing and even sinus pressure. Especially if one suffers from asthma, there is a high possibility their symptoms are aggravated due to an old mattress. Thus, gifting a brand new and high-quality mattress can make a significant difference for someone who has to deal with allergies.

4. Mattresses Improve Your Quality Of Life

When you have been tossing and turning all night, it is inevitable that you might be feeling drained, sluggish and tired the next day. Not getting sufficient quality sleep takes a toll on your body too as it becomes more susceptible to illnesses like the flu or cold. Lack of sleep affects your immune system and even how fast you recover when you’re sick. Therefore, a quality mattress is an excellent gift for someone to help them improve the quality of life.


Gifting mattresses is a fantastic option for one to enjoy uninterrupted and optimal rest, benefiting not only one’s physical but also mental well-being. Keep in mind that different mattresses serve different purposes, so choose the right one. Complete the set with other bedroom essentials like a cosy quilt, a lavish candle or a storage bed with mattress for a relaxing ambience at home.

With our online mattress sale, grab this opportunity to pamper yourself or your loved ones with our range of mattresses. Find the ideal mattress here at Four Star, which will be highly appreciated by your loved ones even for years to come.


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