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4 Essential Ways To Reset Your Sleep Cycle During WFH Period

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Due to the current pandemic situation, working from home can simply mean that our workdesk is located in the next room from where we sleep. With time saved from the daily commute and having to get ready in the morning, this means that we will be spending a lot more time staying up at night and sleeping in on mornings than we need to.

To ensure that we can regulate our body clock properly, we need to get our sleep cycle right. With a proper sleep cycle, we can spend more time and energy on the challenges for the day ahead. It also allows us to slowly adjust towards this temporary new ‘normal’ of our lives.

If you are ready to get started, here are 4 essential ways you can reboot your sleep cycle and gain better rest.

1. The lights in your room

One of the essential parts of waking up early and taking control of your sleep cycle is the factor of light and dark in the room. For example, darkness is essential to sleep as it sends a signal to our body that it is time for us to rest. The same can be said for light, whereby exposure to it can help us to regulate our sleep-wake cycles.

One simple way to improve your sleep cycle is to turn on your lights as soon as you have woken up from your sleep so that you can be more alert in the morning and beat the initial grogginess.

2. Maintain consistency in sleeping schedule

Sleep consistency is critical for us to maintain a healthy sleep cycle. Sleeping and waking up at the same time every day can help your body to regulate its sleep cycle much easily and maintain consistency. However, this doesn’t mean that you should avoid doing so on weekends – staying up too late can throw off your natural body clock and you might find it harder to get up on the following Monday morning.

Telling your body to go to sleep at the right time can be difficult at first, but adjustments and consistency will only come with time. If you have trouble due to any physical discomfort, purchasing a mattress for lower back pain, like Four Star’s Chiropedic mattresses, can go a long way in ensuring that your pains will be prevented from acting up throughout the night. With the mattress’s barrel shape pocketed spring, you’ll receive comfortable rest and pain alleviation along with uninterrupted sleep, all while maintaining consistency in your sleep cycle.

3. Avoid screens before bed

Whether it is a monitor, laptop, tablet or our phone screens, the glow before bed can make the difference in allowing you to get sufficient rest. As explained above, light and darkness play a pivotal role in how we can enable our body to go to sleep. With just the slightest amount of light, it can be difficult for our bodies to adjust, especially when we are exposed to it right before we close our eyes.

It can be a rather hard habit to break, trying to restrain from using your phone before bed. Make it less convenient for you to reach out to your phone – this way, you can discourage yourself from doing so. Place your phone on the vanity table or on top of the dress across the room, so you can focus on sleeping instead of climbing out of bed to use your phone. You can be on the right track to maintaining your sleep cycle and stay in bed without looking at any bright screen that might keep you up.

4. Choosing the right mattress

Another way to improve your sleep cycle is to choose the right mattress for comfortable nights. For example, a cooling mattress like Four Star’s Detense ArcticSilk series coupled with a storage bed frame can ensure reduced sweat and stickiness, and keep your room tidy and organised at the same time.

Each mattress can aid with different needs. Four Star’s Chiro series is another example. With the double offset LFK spring, it offers an increase in bloodflow so that you will receive less interruptions throughout the night and ensure that you feel energised for the day after. Four Star’s Superior series allows for better sleep posture and maximum comfort so that better sleep can be achieved, and keep the feeling of lethargy away as we start a new day. Choosing the right mattress is important, especially one that is tailored to your needs.


As we get used to living and working at home, it is vital to ensure that you can maintain and adjust to a new sleep cycle during this period. This way, you will also get to enjoy sufficient rest and receive more energy to take on the day ahead.

You can shop from Four Star’s wide range of mattresses that offer luxurious features at an affordable cost that will benefit your body posture and sleep. After all, with the right mattress, you too can make the steps forward to reset your sleep cycle as you work from home.


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