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4 Easy Tips To Keep Your Bedroom Clutter-Free And Organised

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The more relaxing bedrooms typically have a luxurious bed to sleep on, a soft colour scheme on the walls, and soft but adequate lighting; just to name a few. To maintain that tranquil atmosphere, it’s important to steer clear of clutter.

Disorganisation goes against relaxation – it is hard to drift off into a soundless sleep when messy things surround you. After all, your bedroom is the last thing you see before dozing off and the first thing you wake up to, so it’s only right that you transform the space to be as appealing and cosy as possible. If your bedroom needs some sprucing up, here are some quick tips to help you get organising!

1. Make your bed

Never underestimate the power of a well-made bed! It takes just a minute or two to smooth down the bedsheets, fluff up your pillows and layer on your cover. For final touches, you can even add an assortment of throw pillows or place a throw blanket at the foot of the bed.

When the bed is neatly made, it could help improve the appearance of your bedroom! And there’s no better way to start your morning as it leaves you feeling accomplished and ready for the day. Plus, coming home to a made bed will make a big difference in helping you relax and decompress!

Take your sleeping experience at night to the next level with our new DETENSE | ArcticSilk® Advanze Aire Flex™ mattress. Thanks to its revolutionary Japanese technology, the mattress supports faster cooling ability, high breathability and better heat dispersion for a cooling night of sleep. It also features cooling gel infused memory foam to provide multi-dimensional support and reduce motion transfer, so you can wake up feeling energised in the morning!

2. Prevent clutter catchalls

Nightstands can add a touch of beauty to a bedroom, but they have a way of becoming clutter catchalls. Place storage baskets or decorative boxes in the drawers for you to stash all the smaller essentials like lip balms, hand cream, pen and paper, and the like.

There is also the tendency to dump your fresh laundry into your dresser and closet, which can get unruly and messy over time. Use hanging organisers and shelf racks to sort accessories and purses. Spare a few minutes to fold or hang your clothing so everything remains organised – this can make getting ready in the morning much easier too!

3. Use the space under your bed

As BTO flats are typically much smaller than some older HDB apartments, every square footage count – including the real estate underneath your bed. It’s a prime storage space for seasonal clothing, shoes, extra linens and other bulky items. Use clear storage boxes so you can see what’s inside to quickly find what you need.

If you need more room for your belongings, choose a storage bed frame! Here at Four Star, our storage beds offer an impressive capacity for better organisation and neater space. They feature German hydraulic lift system to help you lift up the entire mattress conveniently to access your items underneath. The inner storage compartments can also be customised according to height preference and choice of drawers so you can quickly reach for your items. With a variety of colour choices and materials, pick your ideal storage beds with mattress at Four Star for your bedroom!

4. Purge from time to time

Of course, there’s only so much organising you can get done before you realise you simply have too much stuff. This means it is time to declutter and purge the items you have that are not needed or usable anymore. Whether your clothes and shoes don’t fit anymore, or you have collectables and equipment that no longer serve a purpose for you, donate them to a good cause or dispose of them accordingly. It will be far easier to organise what’s left after that.


It can be hard to get a good night’s sleep in a cluttered bedroom. With these tips, you can get started in small ways to tidy things up and create the serene space you need to relax and recharge.

On that note, a good quality bed is also essential to helping you achieve the rest you need. Browse our mattress shop online and explore our bed collections, or head down to Four Star stores and experience our luxurious mattresses in person!


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