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4 Clever Storage Ideas To Keep Your Small Bedroom Organised

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Keeping a small bedroom organised can be a tricky task, especially when it comes to ensuring sufficient storage space. Without proper storage, you’re likely to chuck your belongings onto every available surface of your room – leaving you with clothing-littered floors and tall laundry mountains. A small space can easily look cluttered and cramped if it isn’t kept tidy, which makes your room look smaller than it already is. As such, it’s crucial that you get creative with how you store your belongings.

Thankfully, there are a variety of ways to keep your clutter under control despite having limited space. Make the most out of every inch of your bedroom with these 4 clever storage ideas to keep your small bedroom organised.

1. Maximise your wardrobe space

Most builder-grade wardrobes often come with just one long hanging bar and a shelf. While your clothing collection may grow, your wardrobe size will remain the same. However, you can maximise the space in your wardrobe by creating a space-efficient storage system. Use a mix of drawers and cubbies to build a customised storage solution to organise your all your items.

2. Use your walls

As an alternative to storage furniture, clear up some floor space by using your walls for your storage instead. Hooks and wall-mounted shelves are fantastic for keeping your jewellery and accessories organised. If you don’t have sufficient space for a dressing table, you can mount a narrow shelf onto your wall to store your jewellery or makeup. A set of wall-mounted hooks underneath it can be used to hang your bags. Another smart option is to opt for a small, wall-mounted nightstand instead of a full-on one. This way, you can keep the floor free from your books or water bottles.

3. Utilise your bed

As likely the largest piece of furniture in your room, why not transform your bed into a multi-functional storage space? For a quick and simple storage solution, you can easily organise your items into different baskets and place them under your bed to create space. But to truly maximise your bed’s function, a storage bed still remains the best option. Storage beds utilise the entire bed and can provide you with as much space as a whole dresser. Whether you want to fill up the space with folded clothes, bedsheets or your novel collection, it is completely up to you!

At Four Star, we provide storage bed frames to pair with your mattresses for the ideal space-saving solution. They feature German Hydraulic lift system to help lift up the bed with great ease and reveal hidden capacity you can make use of for your belongings. Store your clean bedsheets, seasonal clothes or any other bulky items and keep them out of sight in your bedroom. You can also customise your storage bed frame according to your height or choice of compartments – down to the wide array of designs, colours and materials we have. Dress up your room with style and function!

4. Feature floor to ceiling furniture

Although you have limited floor space, you can still play up to your room’s assets – its height. Maximise your storage by using the height of your room to include multi-functional furniture. From the floor to the ceiling, plan carefully to incorporate an easily accessible place for each of your belongings. This will help you to maintain a neat, clutter-free bedroom.


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