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4 Cleaning Tips To Prepare Your Home For The Chinese New Year

4 Cleaning Tips To Prepare Your Home For The Chinese New Year

We are fast approaching the end of 2021, with Christmas and the New Year just around the corner. And before you know it, in a blink of an eye, we are will soon be approaching the Lunar New Year. Even as you are counting down to 2022, you are probably also planning a spring cleaning to prep your home for the Chinese New Year.

However, spring cleaning during the busiest time of the year is no mean feat. During this holiday season, you are undoubtedly preoccupied with shopping for the ideal Christmas gifts for your loved ones or busy preparing for the New Year countdown. But with the laundry list of chores you need to go through, it is advisable to start your preparation early to avoid cramping everything to the last minute, as doing so can be exhausting.

Furthermore, as they say, “new year, new look.” In anticipation of this new beginning, you would want to ensure your home is spick and span in time for Lunar New Year, especially if you have guests visiting. So as you begin planning out your spring cleaning routine, let us share some practical cleaning tips to lessen your stress and worries as you look to ring in the Year of the Tiger.

Tip #1: Start by decluttering your home

It is easier to clean your house when everything is organised since you don’t have to work around any unnecessary items lying on the floor. Moreover, they are potential hazards, and if you are not careful, you might end up tripping over these items and injuring yourself in the process.

So before you begin cleaning your home, it is advisable to go around the house and perform a quick tidy-up of the surrounding areas. You can speed up your cleaning session by putting everything back where it belongs.

Any broken items should be disposed of immediately, so you do not risk forgetting about them later. If you come across any unused objects, you should consider storing them away in a box to avoid cluttering your living space.

Start by decluttering your home

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Tip #2: Clean and sanitise all surfaces

The COVID-19 pandemic has generated greater awareness of cleanliness and hygiene among Singaporeans. And if your relatives are visiting your home this coming Chinese New Year, your countertops will likely receive plenty of attention. Therefore, you would want to give them a thorough cleaning beforehand.

In particular, you may want to pay special attention to your kitchen surfaces, especially if you are preparing any food or refreshments for your guests. This is because uncooked meats tend to leave bacteria and germs behind.

It is also vital to avoid neglecting your fridge and oven during the clean-up process. These are critical appliances you will undoubtedly be using a lot of during the Chinese New Year period as you prepare to cook up a feast for your relatives and friends. Therefore, it is essential for you to ensure they are spotless to minimise the risk of food contamination.

Take a look at your fridge and get rid of any expired items or forgotten leftovers that may be lying around. Doing so also frees up additional space for the ingredients you will need to prepare your Lunar New Year feast. Additionally, you should not neglect cleaning the chairs and furnishings. Wipe them down with a damp cloth to remove any build-up stains or dust.

Tip #3: Prioritise cleaning the hard floors in your living room

After sanitising your countertops, your next priority will likely be mopping and vacuuming the hard floors in your home. If you are short on time, it is advisable to prioritise the area where your guests will be first, which is likely to be the living room.

Start by vacuuming the floors to remove any dust, dirt, and debris that may have accumulated since your last cleaning session. If you have a carpet placed in the living room, you should consider cleaning it thoroughly, as carpets are notorious for trapping a significant amount of dust and dirt within their fabrics.

After the vacuuming is completed, it is time to grab a mop and begin mopping the hard floors. Do take note of the cleaning agent you are using to clean the floor, as specific floorings are susceptible to damage when exposed to certain chemical agents.

Tip #4: Don’t neglect your bathroom

Your bathroom will experience higher foot traffic when you have guests over. Therefore, it is crucial for you to wipe down the toilet, scrub the floor, and disinfect the sink and counters before your relatives arrive. Ensure you have plenty of clean towels and toilet papers prepared for your visitors to use as well.


It may seem like there is plenty to do and prepare as you countdown to the Lunar New Year, but you should not let the stress distract you from spending quality time with your friends and family. After all, “tuan yuan” – which means reunion in Chinese – is an essential aspect of Chinese New Year. We hope the tips we have shared can help you ensure a fuss-free cleaning process as you look to prepare your home for the Lunar New Year.

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