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3 Ways To Relax With Your Family At Home This Vesak Day

Vesak Day is an incredibly special day in Buddhism, a religion that over 30% of the Singaporean population follows. This year, it will be commemorated on the 16th of May. Temple visits will finally be less regulated and restricted, allowing families a more complete, holistic celebration of this sacred occasion. 

But you don’t have to be Buddhist to look forward to Vesak Day. There are plenty of activities for everyone to do while holding close to the spirit of the holiday. Here are just three of them: 

1. Partake in a wholesome vegetarian meal 

Vegetarianism is a pillar of Buddhism. Besides the obvious health benefits, the principle is that every life is sacred and should be valued, even the one of an animal. It is a noble pursuit but may seem a tad too challenging to stick to all your life. That is why Vesak Day is the perfect opportunity to give you and your family a fresh perspective. Besides, there are plenty of delicious and healthy vegetarian options to consider. 

You could go for a more traditional rice-milk pudding dish, which is both tasty and easy to make. If your kids find it a little plain, just add fruits, honey, nuts, or some spices like cinnamon for a bit of variety. 

For your other meals, finding vegetarian food online is no real obstacle. With vegetarianism and veganism starting to take off in Singapore, finding good food made without animal products is becoming increasingly commonplace. 

2. Doing charity 

Another important tenet of Buddhism is altruism. Empathy for those less privileged than us is critical for celebrating Vesak Day. It is never too early to instil these values in your children and show them that there can be a lot of peace found in doing something kind for others. With the restrictions starting to lift, there is no shortage of volunteering options to be found for the whole family, especially in these trying times when people are only now beginning to find their footing. 

If, however, you’re unable to commit your time and energy to volunteer, donations to a cause you feel passionate about are always a welcome alternative. 

There are plenty of charities you can give to online that are legitimate and secure. Your good deed of the day can be achieved with the click of a button. 

And if you feel like donating in a more immediate, tangible way, you can always give away clothes or non-perishable groceries and foods to families who are in need of them. 

3. Reflect and rest 

Vesak Day is meant to be a day for contemplation and recharging. You can achieve this in many ways. The importance of meditation as a practice to Buddhists cannot be stated enough. The younger ones might find it difficult to stay still for that long, but like anything, meditation can be taught. With the right amount of patience, the benefits they will yield could be immeasurable. Meditation has been utilised for reasons beyond religion for a long time. It helps to ease anxieties, sustain positive feelings, reflect on issues and gain new insights into them, and, most importantly, sleep better. 

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Vesak day is a day that can be full of self-reflection and enjoyment. But it should end with a good night’s sleep. That’s where we come in. Four Star has a long history of helping people find the sleep that they deserve. Contact us today to learn more!


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