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3 Unexpected Ways Your Mattress Affects Your Health & Sleep

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If you haven’t put much thought into your bed before, do you know the extent of how your mattress can affect your health and the quality of sleep that you receive every night? It is important to understand why investing in a good mattress can positively affect your body, sleep, and overall health.

We all crave better sleep, and the best mattress that fits your needs can help you sleep soundly at night. Here’s what you need to know about how your mattress can deeply affect your sleep and overall health!

1. Creaking beds can be the cause of back pain

An old mattress tends to cause creaking noises due to their worn-out springs. These creaks show that the mattress no longer has firm support, which can cause the sleeper to have pains and aches on their back. The mattress may also be unable to properly support your weight, which can lead to distortions of your natural spinal alignment. This can also place a ton of stress on your neck and back area.

If you continue using a sagging mattress, you can risk developing pains and aches on your back that could interrupt your nightly rest. In addition, the creaking noise could wake you up in the middle of the night when you toss and turn, leading to a vicious cycle where your sleep quality is profoundly affected.

2. The right mattress can relieve pains and aches

While an old mattress can lead to chronic back pain, the right mattress should ideally offer you the proper support your body needs and ensures healthy sleep posture. Firmer mattresses can also help to distribute your weight evenly and remove any undue stress that is placed on your body. Over time, having the right mattress can significantly relieve or minimise any chronic pain and ache that you might have.

If you’re looking for a mattress for back problems, Four Star’s Chiro series can provide you with the essential pain-free rest that you need. With a high-density foam encasement, the Chiro series mattress can increase your blood flow and give you an all-round better sleep at night. The Chiro series also offers back pain alleviation, allowing you to receive uninterrupted rest along with much-needed quality sleep every night.

3. The right mattress can improve your overall quality of life

Having a quality mattress does more than improve sleep, it can also raise your quality of life. One of the biggest challenges that many adults face is sleep deprivation. By purchasing the right mattress, you can sleep better, boost your mood, and wake up in the morning ready to tackle your day ahead.

Getting the right mattress can also go a long way in improving your productivity, performance, and memory, which are all essential factors that can lead to an increase in your quality of life.


Your choice of mattress can be the deciding factor between getting poor sleep and quality sleep. With the points mentioned above, you can have a better understanding of how crucial it is to pay attention to the mattress you sleep on.

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