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3 Tips To Getting Enough Rest For The CNY Celebrations

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Chinese New Year is around the corner, and many of us are looking forward to the yearly festivities and celebrating with our loved ones. But with the joyous celebrations also comes an incredible amount of preparation. With your already busy schedule, preparing for this festive season can be incredibly tiring.

Nonetheless, you won’t be able to enjoy the celebrations if you’re feeling exhausted after all the prep work. As such, it’s crucial that you get sufficient rest leading up to Lunar New Year. Here are 3 tips to ensure that you’re well-rested for the celebrations ahead.

1. Share the prep load with others

Spending time with your family is one of the most important aspects of Chinese New Year. With that said, take some of the preparation load off your shoulders and let your family members help you out! Family members are fantastic sources of support, so get the help you need from them during this particularly busy season.

Make the festive chores a family affair. Get your little ones to give you a hand with spring cleaning or baking delicious Chinese New Year goodies. You can also try out fun activities such as making DIY decorations for your home including paper lanterns or origami. This way, you can reduce the stress and sleep deprivation associated with celebration prep – all while turning it into an opportunity to bond and connect with your family.

2. Don’t leave things to the last minute

From cleaning the house to cooking up a feast for your reunion dinner, it’s a well-known fact that Chinese New Year is a busy season. And if your schedule is already packed with work matters, it’s easy to leave all the festive preparations to the last minute – leading to lots of stress.

Stress is a big factor when it comes to sleep deprivation, and you may find yourself staying up late to complete last-minute tasks or stressing out over unfinished business. To avoid unnecessary stress, plan out your time in advance and space out your to-do list, rather than leaving it all to the end. Certain tasks such as tidying up the house can be done all year round, so you don’t have to wait for the new year to start!

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3. Stick to your usual sleep schedule

It may feel tempting to stay up at night to catch up with relatives you haven’t seen in a while, but late nights can cause chaos on your body’s sleep schedule. As much as possible, try your best to stick to your usual sleep schedule. While it’s okay to stay up a little later than what you’re used to, try your best to limit it to no more than an hour off your regular bedtime. Sleep deprivation can cause you to wake up tired and feel moody the next day, and you definitely won’t want to be feeling grumpy throughout the celebrations!

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